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Suspected PSSM in warmbloods - which bloodlines are affected?

Last year I bought the horse of my dreams. A four year old, unhandled warmblood cross draft. He made good progress in his education but then things started to go wrong.

Disunited, hoppy kind of gait. Bucking, teeth baring, pawing the ground. The list goes on and on. The short story is I found out about a disease I’d never even heard of; PSSM.

The horse tested negative for type 1 but responded very well to high oil diet and exercise plan. We hope with correct handling he can still one day achieve in eventing/dressage.

His bloodline is Romanow von Pferdheim HOL – sire, Ramiro (Raimond, Valine), dam Laute (Fanatiker, Melanie)
Hinde BWP – sire, Hedjaz (Ibrahim, Mirza), dam Beauty (un Bonheur, Uriana).

We are in the UK where there seems to be a frustrating degree of ignorance and secrecy around PSSM/EPSM.

Do any of you know of symptomatic horses sharing these bloodlines?

You might want to post this in the sport horse breeders forum also. There are several posters there that know a lot about bloodlines. Good luck!

Thanks Neversaynever. Will do

There are two FB groups I know of for PSSM horse owner support. On one of them, there is someone doing a lot of research on bloodlines. I believe she has a website, BRIDGEequine or something where you can submit your horse’s bloodlines to aid in her research. She had posted in one of those groups some bloodlines she had narrowed it down to. It was really interesting.

Found her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BRIDGEquine