SW Florida Farms/Boarding/Trainers

Hi All - Husband and I are possibly considering relocating to SW, Fl. Looking in the Englewood area or slight north or south, but are also considering looking for some small horsey property, but we don’t know where to look for land that’s not too inland or out in the “sticks”. Suggestions welcome. Primarily I’m currently looking for a farm to board my mare and for my daughter to continue lessons as she is almost eight, loving riding, and has really taken off as a little rider this last year. Looking to find her a good trainer and a barn with some other kids to ride and make friends with. I’m currently located in MI, any pros and cons of Florida, equine related, are definitely welcome as well. Thanks in advance!

To hopefully get some replies, simply any trainers or boarding facilities in the SW FL area at all, anyone can recommend?

Are you anywhere near Ft. Myers? Pennington Farms has been recommended many times on this forum, I have no personal experience with it however. I only happen to remember it because I have several family members in Ft. Myers that I visit regularly (pre pandemic era).

Hi - Yes, Pennington Farms is on my radar, I saw the recommendations in those other posts, although I’ll be about an 45min/hour north.