Sweaty matters: breeches and saddle

Last week I got off my horse after showing in 100 degree heat and two moms of kids from the barn came over to me to ask, in earnest, if I had peed my pants. And I don’t blame them, since the top of my breeches to my knees were completely soaked and a darker color than the bottoms.
I have a perfect heart shaped stain on my saddle from my sweaty behind!

Anybody have any advice about how to get the giant sweat mark off my saddle? Oil the whole thing dark?

Any recommendations of breeches that stand up particularly well in the heat, or show sweat less? The irony is that I was wearing some fancy ultra light/thin Italian ones when the above incident happened. Had I kept my cheap ones on that I use for schooling, I probably would have been better off!

Thank you!

No advice for saddle, well I’d wash well with Murphy’s Orange oil soap, rinse, then saddle soap…

My latest revelation in life, at 64 years of age, and no longer needing them, period pants! Did a 4 hour clinic in the heat couple of weeks ago, so many people were complaining of swampass, and I was dry and comfortable. Bought one pair to try, adding a few more because :+1:


My theory to this situation is to ignore those people who do not get it that some people sweat. I mean really, who thinks it is anything but sweat in that amount of heat. And even if you had peed yourself, why would they be asking?

I can not imagine there are clothes that keep you from sweating in that temperature.


For real, what the hell? Best response to people like that: “oh honey, did you know you asked that out loud??” in a sympathetic tone.

That kind of sweat, even my beloved Knix “period underwear” wouldn’t be able to battle that. But I’d still recommend them to try, they would at least keep your saddle a little drier?


You can try malt vinegar. I used that to get watermarks out of my calfskin Butet. Just put some on a sponge and dab/ let dry until the stain comes up. Then recondition and it should look much better.


Thanks a lot for this tip, I’ll give it a go.

This is a good endorsement for those underwear, I’ll wonder no more and try it, thanks!

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If I can save the saddle somewhat, that’s a big win. Another vote for the period pants. Would have never even considered it.

Yeah, definitely surprised at the comment, especially since I’ve only known these people a few months. I think honestly that some people can’t quite believe that women sweat.

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Not to excuse it at all because it’s definitely an awkward question, but you said they were moms - many women experience issues with bladder control after having children, especially during exertion/activity, so maybe it’s something they are personally familiar with. Or their kids pee their pants a lot. :joy: They were probably just trying to help you not be embarrassed!

signed, also a heavy sweat-er


If you look around, you will see that there are many many saddles with sweat stains on the seat.

In other words, if you can not make the seat all one color do not consider the saddle ruined or anything. Again, lots of people sweat. Sweating is actually a good thing, it means your body is cooling itself.


Period underwear, but while I love the Knix ones for their actual use, they didn’t work for me for this issue because they didn’t come up high enough in the back!

I ended up buying some from here: https://www.sheiscomfy.com/collections/all

They aren’t as nice as the Knix (which are my favourite everyday underwear too, not just when I’m menstruating), but they come up much higher. Note - the She Is Comfy ones fit very small. I’m in between sizes and ordered the bigger size, and wish I’d actually gone an additional size up.

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I am of the “embrace the sweat stain” school. It’s a mark of honor!


A friend had this problem. She resorted to sticking a kotex pad in the center back of her breeches/tights, as sweat accumulated and dripped down her back there. Worked pretty well for her.

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Fair point, but not ideal when you aren’t riding in your own saddle.