Swelling strip above/outside R Knee..

Hey guys,

To describe it, if you’re looking at his RF from the side, the swelling is in a strip on the outside of his upper foreleg, above the knee. Very odd.

Anyone ever seen a swelling like this? Appeared randomly. He is sound, swelling is cool, & squishy. Has been like this over a week now. I wondered if it was a distended tendon sheath, but think he’d be lame, if so!

Could be the extensor tendon sheath. I had an OTTB with an old injury there, so always a “bubble”.

This. I had an old horse who developed the same thing. Never bothered him a minute, but he was retired by then. It may be the same thing as Tenosynovitis (a very generic name), but the common name is tendinous windpuffs.

It can be dangerous if it is the infected kind (septic tenosynovitis).