Has anyone been watching the swimming?
Trying to get caught up on the last few events.

I’m watching swimming right now and have been since the start. It’s so exciting.

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I love swimming. What part are you inspired by?

I personally suck at swimming LOL.
I enjoy watching the swimmers do their craft in the manner that they do.
I love it when the unexpected swimmer rises to the occasion & outdoes their previous best.
The moment Lydia Jacoby realized she won, was great. The look of pure astonishment on her face….

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That was awesome, especially because it was so unexpected, I was so happy for her. There have been a number of surprise medal winners, which is really fun to see. And I really loved the US swimmer Zach Apple on the men’s relay team that swam his anchor lap in a blistering time that even beat his teammate, super star Caeleb Dressel’s opening lap. Something about the Olympics seems to bring out incredible performances in some athletes who really rise to the occasion.

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I loved the video footage of Lydia’s Alaska friends and teammates they showed- none of them could sit still during the race and then after!!!. Ended my day with a smile!


I love that they are showing snapshots of the competitors family/support crews watching from wherever they are (home, schools, gathering places, etc)

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Me too! That is a great touch that they are doing for lots of the sports and it is so fun to watch.

Watching Katie Ledecky’s last race was like watching Secretariat’s Belmont. History being made.


Did everyone see that the USA almost did not qualify for a race that they have won at every olympics they have participated in? The mens 4x medley relay. Thank goodness the qualifying race that they were in was very fast so them coming in 4th still got them a spot.

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I think that was my favorite moment of the swimming competition and I’m so sad it is over now. I think I enjoyed the swimming as much as the equestrian events so far. Its sad that the athletes can’t have family with them but for us watching on TV it is great fun to see the family at home with all of their friends cheering on their athlete.

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