Switching Barns/Trainer

I am in the process of switching barns and trainers after thinking about this for awhile. My existing trainer has a personality that is quite volatile and it’s just not the right fit. I have been in full time training with my current trainer only a short time. My question is, the training contract I have specifies that 30 days notice is to be given. Does that mean simply that I give written notice and pay for 30 days, or is there an expectation that I am supposed to stay for 30 days in addition to paying? I really want to get out of here as soon as possible and move on. What would you do? Is it okay to give written notice and then trailer your horse out the same day?


Sure, all you are obligated to do is pay the 30 days. And if the trainer personality is “difficult” now, imagine what it will be for 30 days after you announce you’re leaving! If you can financially handle it, pack and pay and get the hell out!!

Thank you for the answer!!

30 days notice typically means that you pay for that, not that you are required to stay. And I’d say that it’s most common that people don’t stay for that duration if they are leaving on not such great terms. That said, double check your contract and see if that means 30 days from today or if it has to be from your normal payment date. IE: if the 1st is when board is due and you give notice on the 15th, I suppose there are some contracts where you’d have to pay full board on the 1st of the next month too.

Even though it can be uncomfortable, if the horse is not at risk, it often makes sense to stick it out (financially). I think in most cases, people leave because of people conflict, less so due to actual risk to the horse though.

Good luck!