Tack Organization - new shed!

I could use some tack storage tips. I have seen a few topics on this but does anyone have any ideas for grooming equipment in the barn when there is no wall to hang it on? I looked at cabinets but COVID seems to have wiped out any plastic ones that were reasonable. And metal are just WOW. I have one wall I want to put the blankets on during the day. And one blank space with a saddle rack. I could possibly do shelving but the dust. UGH.
And if anyone has any nifty tips to setting up my tack shed. Like do you put one the saddle stand and hanger all the tack by horse? So each station has saddle blanket bridle that each horse uses? I am super excited, from no space to too much!

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check your local Goodwill, thrift shop, antique shops and craiglist for office filing cabinets. Those are almost always available for dirt cheap, since paper files are becoming obsolete. They have nice deep drawers and are very sturdy.

Do you have any wood working skills and tools? It is less expensive to build than buy. And in a tack room (usually) furniture grade carpentry skills aren’t necessary.

There are lot of things on the internet that you can copy, modify, or even have plans posted.

One other idea is to use plastic bins for storage. They are stackable and if you get clear ones you can easily see what’s inside.