Tack question - Is Horze worthwhile

I really enjoy black tack. Horze is one of the only manufacturers selling a black bridle and bellyguard girth for a reasonable price. Is it worth it?

I recently bought a Horze breastplate, mostlly because it was about half the price of everything else on the market. I haven’t really used it yet but am happy with the leather quality on first glance. Can’t speak to durability though.

The few items I’ve gotten have been quite good for the price point, but I haven’t tried their bridles or girths.

I have one of their bridles and I think it’s really impressive given how cheap it was. It’s not a high quality bridle by any means, but I’ve been using it daily for over a year and it still looks great.

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I have one of their bridles. I’m pretty happy with it for what I paid. It has held up well enough so far but it has only been maybe a year and a half, and it’s not my main bridle.

It’s not amazing quality, but I’ve had a couple horze bridles and they’ve held up great.

I have Horze boots. I would say fantastic quality for the price. You really cannot tell they aren’t Eskadron, and they were $30!

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They’re alright, I have an Horze bridle that is decent for schooling. I use it on a lot of horses since I’m not worried about the young horses getting it all nasty as it’s not the nice European leather that’s really expensive. Pretty easy to clean/wipe down after each use which keeps it looking clean. Bridles & Reins has more options, really depends on what you’re looking for.

Not really the same thing but I have a Horze sheet that I bought kind of last second bc I was struggling to find something that fit and my horse needed something for that night and it is awful, I absolutely hate it. the front buckles completely come undone on their own which is like, the least safe buckles to be doing that!

I work for a big tack store and I have seen quite a few of Horze’s black bridles. I also have a couple of black girths from a few years ago. Those are lovely quality and were a bargain. The bridles I see today vary a lot in terms of quality. In some cases, that means the leather is too stiff/course or not tanned really well. In one case (though in a brown anatomical bridle with brass clinchers), the leather seems to be bonded and of a grain that makes me think it’s really not up to the job. It strikes me as being even unsafe.

If you can return the bridle, I’d buy one if I had good pictures. But I think these bridles are one you should tough in person.

I purchased a Horze dressage bridle from a tack shop in AUS. $130, cheaper then it is sold here in Canada.

My friend has a a PS of Sweden… the leather is comparable to the PS of Sweden, for much less of the cost of the PS of Sweden bridle. I really like the leather. Been riding in it 4-5 times a week, with use it will become a bit softer and with some TLC and maybe some oil. It’s not stiff, but it is not butter. I think for what you’re paying, you’re getting a very decent bridle that should last a very long time.

I will be purchasing more in the future if I ever need to.

I will second this. This may be the one product by Horze that I HATE. My sheet slid all over the place. I tried to stick it out for a season, but I replaced it after a few months with another.

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I have a Horze leather halter and had a bridle from them as well. Good quality for the price. The bridle was in good shape and the padding was soft. I sold it because it didn’t fit my gelding. The leather halter I still have and it’s kicking along after two years. I use it as a everyday halter and it sits in the rain and gets used daily and it’s not brittle.

I bought breeches from them and a couple of saddle pads and honestly all has been reasonably good quality. Would buy again.

I have not bought a bridle specifically, but everything else has been good/decent quality.