Tack shop close to Englewood, Florida

We have a winter place close to Englewood, Florida. I am wondering if anyone knows of any large English tack shops within an hour of this area?
Also if anyone knows of any dressage or HJ barns in the same region.
Any help appreciated!

Not much help, I’m north of Orlando, BUT there is a place called Fox Lea Farms that runs all kinds of horse shows. It is located in Venice which does not seem terribly far away. They might have some boarding but can also likely tell you if there are discipline specific barns in the general area.

DOver Tack is over in NW Orlando, farther than one hour. I know there are dressage trainers in the Sarasota area. Sorry I do not know about H/J. SO I guess I am no help at all!!

Yes we went to the show today at Fox Lea! No boarding but I did get a few names in Sarasota area.

Stateline near Orlando ? Where? I thought they were online only, and I cant find it if I google…

OOPS its Dover. I’ll edit the other post. @2tempe