Tack shop that measures for custom boots? (CT, NY)

So I’ve given up on off-the-rack and semi-custom boots and have decided to go for customs. I’m traveling East the week of the 14th. I called Dover Saddlery and Beval. They both are no longer measuring for custom boots. Whaaat?

I IMed Westbrook Hunt Club with no response. No one picked up the phone. Got my first Vote Is from them.

Any suggestions?

PS: I’ll also be in NYC, so I could go to Vogel or Der Dau for a fitting. (I was surprised how much more DDs are than Vogels.) Trying to stay under 2k.

PPS: My calves are about 16.5", but have really high arches and maybe big ankles? I’ve tried XW Ariats, but can’t get them to zip over the ankles.

There is a Tucci rep that travels around Westchester. RIDE in Bedford also does measurements, you can check the brands on their site.

What a shame that Beval no longer measures for custom boots. Manhattan Saddlery I believe still measures for customs, but they do Vogel and Der Dau so you might as well go directly to them if you decide on their boots. I know some people complain about poor fitting Vogels but the friends I know who have gotten Vogels had good experiences.

Another vote for RIDE in Bedford. They are very friendly, professional and have great taste - I’ve seen their custom boots they help people design and they are gorgeous!

Right?? Talk about the end of an era.

I have to say that I drove by the old Beval location in Connecticut a while back, and I almost burst into tears at the sight of the building sitting there empty. Lots of memories there.


Depending on where you’re staying, getting to the Vogel workshop (in the Brooklyn Navy Yard) can be a real pain, especially on public transit. Manhattan Saddlery still measures for Vogel as far as I know, but hasn’t done Der Dau in many years.

RIDE in Bedford is a great option - I know they do a lot of DeNiro and might also do Fabbri.

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RIDE is great! The Horse Connection is also fantastic. They’re in Bedford as well

It’s harder and harder to find high end products/services at tack shops because everyone is shopping at horse shows. If you stopped by a big horse show (HITS would probably be the closest) you would find all the major boot brands there and happy to measure you.

Hi everyone!

I have an appointment at RIDE to discuss and possibly get measured for custom boots while I’m East the week of the 14th.