Tack Shopping = Happiness

I was looking around on the Horse Channel website, and I found an article I loved! :lol: Here’s the link:

The only difference between her and me is that I still pore over all the glossy Dover Saddlery catalogs, and obsess over the latest sale on all the tack websites. :stuck_out_tongue:

I shop for tack deals constantly and I think I really do have a “problem”, especially when I need to sell tack to make room for the new stuff, and I rush home to get the mail before my husband blush. English Tack Trader has made it worse. I don’t need the Waterford bit I bought last night, but it looked interesting…

:smiley: I know! There are so many companies to buy from now, too! Endless emails and catalogs keep me busy, LOL. When my birthday or Christmas comes, who’s to say I can’t buy myself a little gift?!

What’s worse is I need work clothes, and things for the house…but I have no patience for that. Instead I spend my free time surfing the internet and catalogues for tack and barn supplies. Funny though, I was turned on to Zulilly on Coth, so I bought some Dublin boots and kerrits pull ons…and I managed to order a couple of tops for work since they were in the same place. :slight_smile: