Tack Shopping

Morning all,

Over this weekend I’m working on inventory for a tack store and I wanted to get some feedback on what everyone looks for when they come in. We’re catering to a large variety of clientele and will have traffic from almost everyone- Eventers, Dressage, H/J’s, Breed shows, Arabs, Gypsy’s, Reiners, Quarter horses and Saddleseat riders. So any and all ideas from what you come in looking for last minute at shows or just to browse. Minus saddles everything thing else is fair game and I would love to hear what everyone’s suggestions are! TIA

Hmmm. So much depends on budget and price points for your target market. Here we have budget brand stores and ones that carry high end. We have shops that trend dressage and ones that trend h/j and some Western. But everyone needs basics. We have feed stores that sell basic grooming and strap goods and tack stores that sell supplements.

The things that break or wear out and need replacement are reins, stirrup leathers, and gloves.

The things the people continually tweak to solve problems include bits, girths, and half pads/ risers/ shim pads. Also anatomical bridles and Stirrups.

Impulse purchases include nice grooming tools, and riding tops. Bling browbands, premade floofy dressage stock ties maybe bun covers: often these are local handicrafts which increases appeal.

Everyone needs helmets and a knowledgeable helmet fitting employee.

Here in our PNW damp most people have multiple rain sheets coolers and turnout blankets.

Anyone who is showing, and many who aren’t, will go through a lot of shampoo, detangler, gloss product, as well as leather care items. Also supplements, hoof care, first aid. Some disciplines use hoof polish in the show ring.

I don’t think you can be a full service barn to all disciplines but you can focus on the things everyone needs and have some for each specialty.

These days people actively shop for bargains second hand or online.

If you are at the shows -

Longe lines, grooming supplies, poultices, gloves, whips, leg wraps, tack stall organization supplies
The kinds of things people either forget, break or get misplaced at the show, or decide they need once they are trying to organize everything down there.