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Tack Trunk Shipping

I am needing to ship 2 tack trunks to Colorado from Texas. I have big Stanley trunk (one you get from Home Depot) and another smaller Stanley trunk (also from Home Depot). I want to ship them FedEx. Who has shipped trunks with FedEx? Price range? Packing needed?

Thanks in advance!

I would honestly suggest you ask FedEx what their policy is on things like this. They will be able to give you the best advice on how to ship and what the price would be like. You can also shop around and try UPS to see if it is any cheaper.

Shipping prices will depend on whether you’re shipping them full or not. And truthfully if you’re just shipping the box sans stuff then it would probably be cheaper to buy a new box in Colorado.

I can’t imagine it is cheaper than just buying a new $60 trunk at your destination.

If they aren’t empty, I’d probably ship the contents through a pack and ship place who could help you determine the cheapest way to send it and then buy new trunks from Home Depot in CO.