Tad Coffin w/ SmartRide RX

Has anyone tried these newer Tad Coffin saddles? I have seen a couple videos and good reviews stating they fit almost anything and the RX trees help with back pain. As an owner of two horses with varying levels of kissing spine this is highly intriguing to me.

I haven’t tried the new ones, just the saddles in general. I think that they actually can be a huge help for a lot of horses with back issues, but maybe not for all the woo woo reasons like the reflecting energy waves from the ground or however it’s explained. It’s a different tree shape and material than most saddles with much softer panels. Expect them to need to be replaced every few years depending on how much you ride, but horses who don’t like other saddles often seem to go very well in those. I’m most interested in whether the newer ones are more comfortable for the human. I have one horse now who I think would benefit from a tad coffin but I’ve been trying just about anything else since I didn’t find them particularly comfortable in the past.

I haven’t but I have an older Tad Coffin A5 and that thing pretty much fits anything. Super impressed with it.

I would agree with Railbird here. I really like TC saddles and what he’s been doing with tree designs, and I think horses with sore backs really do love them.

The human piece is trickier. I even had a custom TC on order but bailed b/c the loaner I was riding in just didn’t put me in a great position and wasn’t very comfortable.

That’s the harder piece. I also wish he would update his billet design, as it’s been pretty established at this point that wider billets that pull from back to front are better than the thin design that pulls straight down in the middle.

Do the newer saddles address this?

For me, the stirrup bar is in the wrong place on his saddles. It always puts my leg behind me. I’ve tried several…

May I ask how tall/long legged you are? I have a horse who looks like a TC would fit the bill, but a lot of stuff puts me in a chair seat. I’m tall and allllll leg. A saddle that puts people’s legs behind them might actually work great for me :laughing:

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Hi! I’m 5’2” with a long leg. For reference, my leg is always in the right place in a Butet regardless of seat size. I rode in one TC 30 years ago that worked well for me. Never found another one🤷🏼‍♀️.

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Hmm. I’m 5’9”. Never sat in a Butet but older CWDs fit me perfectly. Sounds like a TC might be worth sitting in just for fun!

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I’m 5’10 and all legs, my TC2 puts my leg in the perfect spot. I love it more than any other jumping saddle I have ever had.


Good to know. I’m 5’11 so hard to fit.

I really don’t love riding in anything other than a TC. It just goes with the horse so much better than any other saddle. And I’ve ridden in a lot of saddles. I think horses are more comfortable in them for that reason.

Love mine. Thankfully didn’t come to it to solve a problem. It just fit my horse very well. It took a month or so to get comfortable coming out of an Antares but a just love it.

Now I want to try them again. Thank you!