Tailbone in agony

Hello everyone,
Surely I’m not the only one who has fallen on their tailbone. About 20 years ago, I did, and it took several weeks of stretching and recovery, but I never had it x-rayed or seen by a doctor (idiot 20-something). Did not bother me for years. I also have slight scoliosis.

Flash forward about 10 years, I was experiencing migraines, back pain, lower back pain.- I started going to a chiropractor, and a very talented cranio-sacral, acupuncture, TCM, Tui Na (Chinese bodywork), practitioner. He completely cured me of migraines (no joke- I used to have monthly migraines, now maybe once a year or every other year when I am very stressed). Did not feel pain specifically in the tailbone, but had significant relief overall with everything.

Flash forward another 10 years, last year- started experiencing significant pain while going to sit down or stand up. Started to use a doughnut cushion. still going to see a chiropractor, using an inversion table (also have some pain in neck/shoulder area), acupuncture mat, etc.

Felt relief for about a year, and now recently it has started plaguing me again. Have an appointment with my PCP in early November to decide where to go with conventional medicine (I’m crying Uncle at this point). X-rays, perhaps?

I rotate sitting on either a doughnut cushion, an exercise ball, or just laying flat on the couch with the laptop on my lap.

Tried riding last year, was uncomfortable for anything longer than 20-30 minutes. Recently had to put down my retired guy, but would really like to get back into riding.

Help! Anyone have experience with this?

Are you sure its your tailbone? I had something similar and it was my S.I. joint. It was brutal.

I fell down the basement steps in college and hit every step all the way down.

I am almost 67 now and whenever I’ve been svelte I’ve been able to predict the weather with it and spent a fair number of nursing shifts never sitting down.

The Abetta ive had for 8-10 years is miserable. A Henry Miller saddle is a lot better. I recently bought a High Horse cordura saddle and have ridden 6 hours with no discomfort. Last week I swapped horses with a friend so she could try the High Horse while I rode her Abetta endurance. In less than a mile I had to switch back. While that didn’t give me complete comfort having aggravated the darn thing it WAS immediately better, pain level from 8 to about 2. I’ve ridden the High Horse a couple times since including today and NO pain.

So if you don’t have a comfy Western trail saddle now might be the time.

I also moved up to a 17 inch seat (I’m 5’6" and 165 # and that also seemed to help a lot.

I’ve never sought medical attention for my tailbone but have been advised a DO might be more willing to stick a strong index finger where the moon don’t shine and pop it back into place but I am quite arthritic and figure there’s not much to be gained as there’s probably not much cartilage there.


Old tailbone and back bone injuries/fractures- everyday it helps to stretch the hips and legs and do mobility exercises. Like lift legs in can-can moves and lots of stretching down to floor. I used to take my horse’s Lubrisyn long before it was advised for hoomans.
It’s just hyaluronic acid but it makes the acute pain go away. So exercise and stretching manages the pain pretty well. On really bad days like if I’ve done something stupid and lifted something heavy, I take 1 extra strength acetametaphine.


It’s possible? I suppose? I am definitely hoping to get it x-rayed to find out for sure.

Thanks! I will look into that saddle brand!
My chiro told me that it can be adjusted that way …I think I’d rather get the x-rays first to be sure before someone does that to me, lol. There is a DO at my PCP office though, I’m hoping I will get referred.

Saw my PCP last week, Doctor confirmed it is indeed the tail bone. X-rays didn’t show anything, getting a CT without contrast next week.

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Consider a good therapist who does pelvic floor work. They can work directly with the tail bone and surrounding muscles to free it. Can have amazing results. It actually released my entire spine.
I had it done decades ago. He worked vaginally. No discomfort.

I had long standing and escalating tailbone pain for years and after 2 extensive work ups found out I had a spur on my tailbone. I had gotten to the point where if I could sit for 10 minutes, I was doing good. I finally had my tailbone removed and although things have improved, I still have some discomfort with sitting. I have found donut pillows to be useless for comfort.
I use cushions with a coccyx cut out. Much more specific for the tailbone area. Amazon has a ton of them. Also, you might try a Salonpas Lidocaine patch over the painful area. I still use them from time to time. I can cut them in half and they last twice as long.

For riding (damn straight, I am still trying :).) Acavallo makes a really nice seat saver with a coccyx cut out. It totally has made the difference between being able to ride and not.

Jingles you can get some answers with further imaging. Mine was finally discovered by the chiropractor who actually took 5 minutes to review and compare all the imaging I had had over the years. It was a 6 year odyssey from when the pain started escalating until I finally had an answer.


Sounds like a possible disc issue - I have 2 discs that are “broken”. I’m not sure if it was one specific incident that caused them to slip/ herniate or if it just happened over time. Mine were diagnosed when I was 21, now 24. I’ve done 2 steroid injections (one successful, one excruciatingly terrible) and am likely headed for a third soon. PT can help.

As for riding, I find my tack makes a HUGE difference. The type of horse matters as well - my main mount is very smooth while my newer green horse is choppier to ride. The smooth one I can ride for longer/ more often without pain. I invested in a new custom saddle which helps, as does my invictus half pad. A lot of people like thinline for back issues (horse or human) but I didn’t like the feel and my back still hurt.

I’ve sat in a High Horse cordura saddle recently and have been coveting one ever since, so I am glad to hear someone similar issues loves theirs! This coming from a person who only rides english. It’s super comfy and padded.

yes absolutely a work up with imaging. There are so many things that can produce your symptoms and it would be best to not think this is the :same old thing" when it could be something totally new and different.

I will second a Urogynocologist consult if it does become something related to the tailbone. We discussed it on another thread here. There are so many things that this could be including fibroid and ovarian issues impinging the nerves that radiate down the pelvis through the rectal area and into the leg.

I second using Salon Pas, but I like the Gel in a tube. Amazing at killing pain in our old broken
bones. It’s also good for many soft tissue aches and pain.

Ok may sound wierd but has anyone looked for internal hemmoroids. They can cause butt pain and even pain down your legs. Many doctors will say that not going to cause that pain but it does and it really hurts.

I find one of the symptoms of menopause is unexplained pain that randomly comes and goes. Could be my ankle, joints, or anywhere I had previously injured myself years before. When my hot flashes start back up it goes away.

I recently slipped on the porch during ice and did re-injure my tailbone ( did first as a child) but it is getting better.