Talk to me about compression socks!

In particular Plus Size compression socks, for those of us blessed with cows rather than calves! Talking about 20” calf in the morning, and no idea what size lefty gets to through the day.

I do have one pair that works kind of OK, but I’m pretty sure that the horrible cut in, red line under my knee after a day on my feet isn’t good.

Looking at daily wear, but also have gotten brave and booked to fly to UK for Christmas, and really want something for the flight. Having looked at a couple of ads, my Facebook feed is now full of compression socks, but after the debacle of buying a bra off one of those…yeah, not going there. :rofl:


You might want to consider compression leggings with a moderate to high compression rating, my cardio didn’t feel that socks did a whole lot for me (POTS) but your mileage may vary. I’ve tried 2XU and they’re fine with plenty of lateral stretch, I throw some mild compression socks on just to even out the pressure into my feet, since there’s all over compression it prevents from the itchy dent. If you’re concerned about the look - I wear loose linen trousers over when out and about to seem like I’m “normal” without overheating.

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I also recommend going with leggings, but if your heart is set on stockings, check into Presadee. They’re available on Amazon, come in a wide range of sizes, and even have zippers. My mother has worn them for a few years, and says they’re comfortable.

Measure, and find the closest size. Good luck!

I had never thought about leggings, certainly a way to get away from the red ring!

:rofl: :rofl:

So looking at compression tights, and the cost, I’m seriously wondering if I should travel in my most comfortable, but very supportive riding tights!

I recommend you look for a local storefront medical supply store where a compression stocking fitter is on staff. That individual will be able to collect multiple measurements, and suggest an item that has the best chance of working for you. Should that fail, it is possible to have a custom (read very expensive) support sleeve crafted.

If you are frequently experiencing a knee crease red line, perhaps your stocking is too tall for you. I struggled with stockings that creased near my ankles. Fitter suggested stockings with silicone dots at the knee cuff to prevent slippage, as well as a shift to a denser fabric. Yay, problem solved ! Lol, I now think of her as a bit like a saddle fitter.


I have compression socks from Vim & Vigr and absolutely adore them. They have sizes that fit calves up to 21". I have POTS and work in healthcare, so I wear a lot of compression socks. They also sell compression tights (footless and footed), although I have no personal experience with those.

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My mom needs compression socks after an accident many years ago and it came down to just ordering a bunch of different pairs off Amazon in different compression strengths and seeing what worked for her.

One thing we hadn’t counted on is that a pair with a chevron pattern had different compression based on the color so when you took them off you had chevrons etched in your skin!!!

She currently lives the Zeta. If you look for compression tights in the sport section for runners you should find them more affordable. My husband needs compression to ride or else he gets leg cramps. We get runner tights for $25 off Amazon to wear under his winter riding tights that just aren’t tight enough. .

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Bought some socks from Prime Compression Socks, was going to say how great they are, but they appear to have vanished! Got an email from them last week offering discounts, tried the link today and poof, not there.

Did order a pair of over the knee ones from in Canada here, but they didn’t arrive until we were in the UK, will update once I try thrm

I am currently in a compression stocking (thigh-high) due to a fractured ankle that led to massive blood clots. I am in a Sigvaris 20-30 compression. I feel like it does a pretty good job and stays up well enough. I don’t know how they’ll be once summer gets here and I start riding again…

I have used basically everyone on the market (to wear over my custom made, flat knit [disgustingly thick], toe to belly button garment). My custom is a Jobst, and although it’s for severe edema, I’d definitely recommend the brand. For my off (non-lymphie) side I wear a 20-30 thing high Juzo to even out the pressure because my custom covers both hips and I don’t want to strangulate my good leg with level 4 compression (enough to choke a chicken). To go over my custom, I wear and OrthoSleeve foot and leg sleeve. It offers serious compression.

For just regular compression socks, which I guess normal non-pathological humans wear, I really like Sockwells.

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My daughter and I both live in compression socks, and our favorite is pro compression, which my husband also uses for running. They make different foot sizes and a wide calf model and have different compression ratings and cool patterns. They last well and are comfortable.

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My favorite compression socks are made by RunForever and are sold on Amazon.