Talk to me about Custom Tall Boots

I have always known that I am not an off the shelf tall boot candidate. My legs are apparently squares (16in calf in breeches and 16in from back of knee to the ground) which makes shopping a disaster. I tried on many pairs over the weekend and this new thing of the contoured ankle is also a kicker… if they fit in the calf they were soooo tight in the ankle. I only wear tall boots for showing but feel like I have to go the custom route. Who has a brand that they like and have been pleased with? I’m just looing for a field boots, no bling, maybe a color or stich on the top…

I was able to order the semi-custom Deniro Salento’s which have been my favorite boot. The semi-custom allowed the measurements I needed, but without such a huge price point. I initially bought as my “show” boots, but then preferred to wear the boots that fit every day than not. I have to brag on them, the boots were lovely and lasted as my all-day, several horses ridden, for four years.
I then bought the Sergio Grasso Evolution boot which was the same price point, and I hate them. That’s a kind word, I was fitted, but they were so difficult to break in, before very quickly peeling along the synthetic inner panel. For a strictly show boot, the fully custom SG’s are lovely. I would not suggest the Evolution boot which also has semi-custom features.

I absolutely adore my Dehners and have had multiple pairs. They last years and years - quality leather and wonderful craftsmanship.

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Love my Tucci boots. The zipper which attaches to a snap at the top of the boot is the main reason I got them. I have constant problems with zippers falling while riding, and this feature fixes it. Plus the boots are gorgeous whether it has bling or not, we’ll made, fits well and also very little break in time.

Love my Dehners too. I’ve had them 48 years and they still fit and are in great shape.

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I love my Dehners - got my black pair about 15 years ago and the browns about 6-7 years ago and they both look fantastic with regular wear.


Your measurements sound like mine, and I swear I’ve ordered and returned every boot SmartPak carries. I recently got to try some Dover branded field boots and the full calf option is actually 16” in a size 6, and they aren’t too tall somehow. (I’m only 5’1”). If you need an off the rack option, they’re really a unicorn boot.

I’m also interested in following this thread for custom boot advice since that’s what I’ll need if these boots wear out.

I tried everything at Dover over the weekend and nothing worked sadly…but… have you tried the Deniro Amabile? It is a part of their Tricolore line…We have local tack shop that carries them and I was so surprised that they fit and they fit well! Lovely leather, mid price point and seems like they will last me a while. I ended up with the dress boot in the short height (they even have an extra sort) and the XL calf.

I have been eying some of the DeNiro semi-custom options because they seem to get close to my size. I’ll have to give them a try!

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I have a pair of custom Celeris boots - lots of options and were comfortable right from the box (well…I got a stiff dressage boot model, so as comfortable as stiff dressage boots can be!)

No idea how ordering or fitting works over here though as I happened to meet a fitter when I was in NL visiting a friend and she has a show I went as groom with her to. The price point wasn’t much different from off-the-shelf boots (at the time…think I paid $450 total? but it was 5+ years ago) and I needed new boots so felt like a no brainer! They shipped them to the US for me.

Just wanted to say I got some custom Celeris boots this year and they now cost around $1k. I WISH they were $450!! They do offer BOGO 1/2 off which is a good deal for the quality if you are able to shell out for 2 pairs (I wasn’t).

Whatever you get, DON’T get Sergio Grassis. I have a pair that I bought from a friend (she had them customized to her), and they’re crap. Yes, the leather is lovely. They’re two years old, worn lightly, cleaned after every ride, and the sole has come off three times, the zipper opens up in random places, etc. I am NOT impressed. I bought them for schooling and they are holding up worse than my cheaper Ariats I bought for my show boots. Ugh. Thank God I didn’t pay the $800+ for them that she did.

200% recommend looking in to the semi-custom Deniros! They have so many options and they are really good boots. I turned my mom on to them and she loves them too. I’ve had mine about 6 years I think and they are holding up great, both show and daily use.