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Tall boots... brands, types, experiences?

I’m looking for a new pair of tall boots since I’m starting to outgrow my current pair. I’ve also been told by my trainer that I’ll need a new pair for show season, as mine are “trash” :lol: Don’t worry, feelings not hurt, she let me borrow them for the few months aha.

details are as follows:

  • I’m mainly involved in the hunter jumper ring right now and will be dipping my feet in the jumpers in likely late winter or spring (this is mainly due to my horse, who was a dressage horse his entire life until I started leasing, but also my current skill level)
  • I will eventually be making my way to the eventing scene by summer, if all goes to plan
  • I am more focused on finding a pair of comfortable but durable show boots that are for jumping than a pair for dressage
  • I’ve been told by everyone I’ve talked to that I should buy Ariats, but I can really only find a couple of pairs of field boots and I’m questioning their durability
  • I’d like something that I can school in often but not necessarily every single time I ride
  • I ride about three, sometimes four days a week
  • I wouldn’t use them if it the weather outside was bad, unless I were indoors
  • not going to pay more than $500, but if they are that expensive, they must be durable. Ideal price would be $200 - $400.

Happy to provide more information as I’m hoping to find the right boot as soon as possible. From what I’ve seen it’s best for me to go with a field boot as opposed to a dress boot, but I’m open to ideas. Even dressage boots for future reference. I’m mainly looking for brands, specific types of boots within a brand, experiences with them, etc. Also what kinds to stay away from :slight_smile:

I have Mountain Horse Sovereign field boots and I love them. They had no break-in time and I find them to be very comfortable. I have the two-tone brown ones (and I love the look), but they also come in black. I don’t wear them for dressage, because I have a pair of black Tredstone Tuscany dress boots that I got on sale. I wear the MH boots to school in, and show in jumpers and cross-country. I think black field boots are the most versatile for all the rings you mentioned, if you only have the one pair.

In my experience MH boots run a bit larger than Ariats, for reference. I have had mine for three years now (approx. 3-5 rides a week) and they have held up well. However, I don’t wear mine in winter, which means I only wear them about 6 months of the year.

I’m currently wearing a pair of Mountain Horse Sovereigns, which did take a little bit of break-in time for me, but that was more because I’m directly on the border between the slim calf and the regular, so I went with the slim on the advice of the store that ordered them for me, and it took three or four rides to really stretch them out enough to make them comfortable.

Now that they’re not strangling my legs, I quite like them aside from the fact that the snaps on the backs of the heels absolutely will not stay closed (I think it’s due to me being just on the edge of my legs being too big for them, causing me to pop the snaps open whenever I flex my ankles, because I’ve never heard of/seen anyone else having that issue). I’ve only had them since the end of September, so I can’t comment on their durability at this point, but I’m liking them a lot so far aside from the snap issue (which is almost definitely a me-specific thing, not a boot thing).

Before these boots, I wore a pair of the Ariat Heritage Contour II field boots, which were definitely a bit big on me (courtesy of me buying a regular rather than a slim calf) and just not tall enough once they dropped (I have very long legs), but I got through four years with them (riding three, sometimes four days a week, usually on at least two horses each time) and only bought the Sovereigns because the soles on the Ariats were starting to separate from the foot and it didn’t seem worthwhile to fix them given that one of the barn cats had also somehow managed to scratch them and mess the leather up through my boot bags. I’ve still got them hanging around as a backup, just in case (or for those days where I just have too many layers on to zip my other boots up), since they’re otherwise fine and still look at least relatively suitable if I polish them up.

I’d honestly recommend either pair, especially in the price range you’re looking at. I know my best friend has worn through the outer layer of leather on the inner calves of her Ariats in the span of a couple of years, but she usually rides three to four horses five days a week and we’re both very hard on our schooling boots both in and out of the saddle. If you’re only riding one horse and aren’t putting them through ridiculous weather like we do, I think they would hold up fine (I should also add that I don’t own show-specific boots. My tall boots are both my schooling and show boots, and I’ve never had an issue cleaning up the Ariats enough for them to be serviceable in the show ring too, even with everything I put them through).

I also have the Mountain Horse Sovereigns that I school and show in. I love them.

I also have a pair of the Ariat V Sports. They are great. But like trakehners, they are too big (I should have gotten the slims).

Both are in your price range and look great.

I love my EGO7s, I’m not sure what they are priced at in the US (I’m in Canada). But so far they’ve been quite durable and I schooled 3-4x a week in them all spring/summer/fall. Lots of sizing options too,

I also love mine. I use them mainly for jump schooling and showing. I school flat in my ariat heritages, but after having the EGOs I would never go back.

If you want an economical boot, look at the Horze boots. I have a pair of Ariat Volants that I LOVE for schooling, but I needed a pair of winter boots. I got the Horze winter boots on sale for about $109, and I really like them. I put after market insoles in them, and they feel great, and the price cannot be beat.

I own Ariat Heritage Contours that are 4 years old now that I ride in 4-6 days a week. I got short slims that are still too tall for me but I really like them. If I polished them up I could still show in them.

however I have had them repaired 3 times now. The first time was the fix the zippers. The second time was to repair the leather on either side of the zippers. The last time was to repair that leather again and add patches to the inside of the boots. My shoe repair guy loved Ariats, new and old but their zipper pulls tend to have issues. If you are willing to get boots repaired and take care of them (aka only wear them to ride) they can last for years.

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I LOVE my Ego7s for schooling - I have had them for over a year and ridden in them multiple times a week. I think they are great and also very flattering. You can also decide between dress or field - I think a lot of h/j riders are moving towards dress as they are much easier to take care of (you never have to worried about the laces breaking)!

I love my EG07 (by Tucci) for schooling. Have had them over 1.5years and school in them 3-6x week. Hold up great and are show worthy too. You can customize calf size and height, which is great and more personalized to your leg. Break in time is not long at all not painful as in some other boots. I think run $499 but since we are going into sale season you could probably get for under $400.

ive had two pairs of tredstep and they were so painful to break in, don’t hold up well at all ( zippers busting) and the leather isn’t that great quality for any showing.

ive also had mountain horse. I didn’t like them at all. They didn’t hold up well to schooling and the sizing was wonky, so definitely try before you buy. I didn’t and hated my boots. So glad when they finally wore out ( which wasn’t long).

if you are also looking for show quality, I love my Tucci custom boots. Love love love them. And they have a snap that your zipper snaps to, no more falling zippers!


I used to absolutely hate wearing tall boots. HATE. I only wore them for shows, schooled in paddock and half chaps. And as soon as I was done riding at a show I ripped them off.

Then I found Tredstep DaVincis and it’s all I wear now, even schooling. I never thought I would’ve said that before. They come pre-broken in at the ankle which is very helpful.

I have the Mountain Horse Sovereigns in brown. They were really hard to break in, due to being between sizes and opting for the taller height as to not end up with boots that were too short. Now that they are broken in, I love them. I have had them for 4+ years. I only ride in them, and ride one horse about 5 days a week. I am very careful never to wear them in the wash stall or to walk around in. I’ve had to replace the zippers, but everything else has been perfect. I would buy another pair when these ones eventually die. I take minimal care of them… and every time I clean them, I get compliments on them.

Edited to add… the foot size is big. I got a 7, but feel I could have gotten away with a 6.5.

With Ariat, it seems like the zippers have a lot of problems if they don’t fit quite right. For example if the calf is a little big the zipper will sag a little and then break. So if you are between sizes, durability may be a concern. I also think there was a year or two where the leather was really crappy, but the more recent boots have been great. I ride the V-sports from Ariat every day and don’t even notice that I am wearing them, they are that comfy.

I also have pair of 12 year old Mountain Horse field boots that held up great. I retired them from everyday use when I got the Ariats, but they look good enough that I could shine them up and wear them in an A rated hunter ring if I wanted.

I would advise against Tredseps. I’ve had a couple of clients have them wear a hole in the flap of their saddles. That’s repair you don’t want to think about.