Tall boots for really skinny calves...

So, I bought a pair of Tredstep Davinci’s a few months ago after I found them for a really good deal brand new on ebay. Unfortunately I have a large foot (8.5 - 9) for my skinny calves (barely 12.5") and the 13" calf on my Davinci’s is just too big. Not to mention the footbed is rock hard and extremely uncomfortable. After I put on my Ariat paddock boots, I feel like I am walking on clouds. I am also not impressed with the leather on the Davincis, it is not very soft and they still really haven’t broken in. I have huge blisters all over the backs of my ankles/feet and I’ve had enough!

So, I was wondering if there are any comfortable boots out there that are under $500 with small calves. I would love a pair of custom Der Dau’s or Parlanti’s, but I just don’t have the money for custom boots. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you get yours in a slim?

I have a pair of Grand Prix Elites in 8.5 slim. I have a 12" calf and these fit fine, maybe just a little bit big (I can fit thicker winter socks under them in the winter)

I have NEVER been able to buy a pair of boots that were NOT slim, and since I have long legs I generally have to get talls, however I have been able to get away with regular height lately since there is the spanish top now on boots.

These boots are my latest favorite tall boots, they are very comfy and the calf fits pretty great for off the rack.

I was going to suggest the slim calf Elite too. When I worked in a local tack shop they were a favorite with the people with skinny calves. I have them and find the leather soft and beautiful and the footbed very comfortable.

Yes, I had ordered the X-Slim calf in the Tredsteps.

I thought I had a true 13" calf but I tried several 13" slim calves in various brands and everything was gaping or, worse, had a big empty bubble where my calf was supposed to go. I ended up getting a great deal on Ariat Crowne Pros on ebay and thought even if they were a little too big I could use them to school in. I ended up having the opposite problem; the calves are seriously tiny. I’ve had to have them professionally stretched in addition to using leather stretch spray on really hot days and never putting them away damp (ie after hosing a horse off.)

I did a search for stretching the calves of field boots and saw a lot of threads mentioning that the Crown Pros are extremely slim. I would give them a try! I really love them and I think after a couple of months of work they are finally stretching enough to not cut off my circulation…

You could always have your boots taken in at a boot maker, a lot less costly than custom boots.

Yes, Try ariat…bought some Crown Pros 8 1/2 slim/tall and they were perfect…unfortunately I got fat so they don’t fit now…

Try some on…they just may work!!!


I second the Ariat Crowne Pros. I have a pair, like french fry, I found an awesome deal on ebay. The calf was really tight on me at first as well, and I’m about a 13" calf. I did the soaking in water method to get them to stretch and form to my thigh. Literally wore them for an entire day during the summer. After that, they fit like a custom boot.

I also tried on a friend’s Grand Prix Elites and they also fit me like a glove - just a tiny bit bigger in the calves than my Crowne Pros. I believe they have been discontinued though?

Ariat recently came out with the Quantum Crowne Pro (or somesuch) so there are excellent deals to be found on the regular Crowne Pros. They are running about $175 on ebay, $100 if you are a masochist and are willing to wear pull ons :smiley:

Slim in Ariat really is slim. I’ve worn slim boots all my life, and just recently found I need regular in Ariat. And I still measure 13" calves.

I have the same problem as you! I recently bought the B Vertigo Annie boots and they fit like customs. http://www.horze.com/B-Vertigo-Annie---Women's-Classic-Leather-Boots/38020,en_US,pd.html I got them in Narrow and they fit like a dream.

Hope this helps