Tall Boots for Short, Wide calves?

(I’m new here so apologies if this is in the wrong place)
So I have been looking to buy some new tall boots, but I’m having difficulty finding them in my size. I was looking at the Ariat V Sport tall zip but the widest ones for my shoe size (9.5 US womens) were about an inch too slim and about two inches too tall. Does anyone have any recommendations for boots similar to these that might be around my size? Thank you

For show or for everyday? If everyday - the Dublin brand is made for those with shorter, wider calves.

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I looked up all of these and the calves are still too small on sizing charts :frowning:

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you could get something that is close to what you need and then have elastic inserts added beside the zippers.way cheaper than custom.

Tuff Rider Plus and Ovation Flex Plus both have xw/ short options that might work. I have the regular Ovation Flex boots in xxw and they are also pretty wide but not super short. I found that they dropped a couple of inches eventually, and I used heel lifts until then.

There is a website called the fuller filly or something like that. They may have some larger calf boots.

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Fuller filly makes ones with better options for short/wide/XW

Fuller Fillies is your best option for XW calves … I’m over 20" myself, and for every day riding I use paddock boots with half chaps. For the half chaps, I use Perri’s which makes an XXXL, the largest I’ve found and fit me well with even a little room to spare. I’ve bought several pairs over the years and will comment that they aren’t the greatest quality, but at least they are fairly cheap. The most annoying thing is that two pairs marked exactly the same could be as much as an inch different in height or width, so their quality control isn’t that great either.

Anyhoo, back to full boots, try fuller fillies. They are in the UK but ship worldwide. You just have to make sure to get the right size based on their charts for US measurements.


Thank you guys so much! The fuller fillies ones look perfect :slight_smile: