Tall/Long Show Clothes?

Hey everyone! I’m a polo player turned hunter and I’m looking to start investing in some basic show clothes/equipment. I was wondering if anyone out there is long and lean (5’10" and sort of gangly) like I am and has recommendations for brands I might have better luck with finding items that fit.

I’ve tried on a few show shirts and coats in stores, but everything that comes near fitting in the body is super short, especially in the arms. I realize I may just have to get stuff majorly tailored, but I’m not even sure what size to buy to fit my long arms to begin with. Any suggestions?

Also, looking to invest in some nice half chaps I can do schooling shows in - any recommendations for ones that look nice, hold up well and might have some tall, thin sizing? (In fashion “riding boots” I always wish they would have “narrow calf” sizes since “wide calf” sizes are now everywhere!)

I feel your pain! I am almost 5’10 and quite lean as well. I had to get my jacket custom made due to long arms/torso but everything else has been pretty much fine - Tailored Sportsman long breeches fit well, I bought my boots off the rack. I have a pair of close contact Ariat half chaps in a Small Tall (maybe not - I’d have to check but definitely they are tall). You should be ok!! Good luck!

Pikeur breeches run very long. Farm House Tack carried a brand of show shirt that was made more fitted through the body with extra long arms but I can’t remember the name of them, maybe email them for suggestions? My trainer was built exactly like you and she loved those show shirts, we used to buy them as gifts for her. Tredsteps come in just about every calf width and height, and I think Grand Prix half chaps do as well. I have numerous pairs of the leather Tredsteps and they lasted for years and years with minimal care, just a wipe off or occasionally I even threw them in the washing machine. :eek:

Elite field boots used to come in slim calf sizes, and so did a number of other brands although I can’t remember at the moment.

Check out the Romfh Jumper show coat. I have it and the arms are amazingly, incredibly actually long enough (in the tall size). It is beautifully cut too! And not expensive. I am not showing much right now and wear it to work sometimes, got compliments on it! Then everyone had to touch when they figured out it was a tech fabric. Lol. To wear it to work I had to roll the sleeves because they are too long when not riding, they are that long!

I just fit a girl who was 5’9 had a 23" waist in a 0 Long RJ wool blend Essential BUT it was an older model ( From about 2 years ago) and the newer washables are not cut from the same size patterns . the Sleeve length was even good although could have been let down a 1/2 " to be perfect. As far as breeches she fit into a Equine Couture breech

Grand Prix makes tall jackets and tall/slim. You’d want to start with the classic styles (vs the jumper styles). Some dealers will also do custom orders for you if the tall/slim is still not tall or slim enough.

Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter breeches run much longer than the older TS breeches. I used to always have to wear long and now I can get by with regular, so longs may work for you. The mid rise ones run even longer in the inseam. I prefer the mid rise for showing anyway.

I’m 5’8" but have long limbs. Love the Le Fash show shirts; Winston Coats come in tall (which I have but needed to let the sleeves out about 1/4 inch to be perfect); I also have an Amino which runs pretty long in the arms and fits a more slender (lack of boobs) silouette. I show only in the Tailored Sportsman, even with longs they still aren’t that long–but work fine, the just fall closer to 3/4 down my calf vs. ankle. My Animo breeches are long.

Tucci makes a lovely half chap.

I’m 5’9", I have a few jackets, all are made long. I ride in Tailored Sportsman breeches, which are 28L and I got custom Tucci boots. I buy Cheval Fashions shirts, they are made in Canada and fit perfect.

I’m 5’9" with long arms. The Grand Prix Madelyn in a long is a great fit. Having a zipper and 4 buttons really helps. Both Tailored Sportsman and Ovation longs are long enough.

I’m also 5’9" with skinny legs. My Tredstep half chaps are the GREATEST. You can order them in different lengths – I have the Medium-Tall and they’re perfect.

Pikeurs definitely mean LONG when they say it! You can look on Calevo if you’re looking to save some money on them. At a more economical price-point, I’ve found both the Romfhs and Smartpak Pipers (they do make a show/“classic” version not just the bright ones) to run a pretty good length.

The old wool RJ jackets in long hand a really nice length to the body/sleeves. If you’re not opposed to wool, you can find them around pretty reasonably, even the higher-end ones. None of the more budget-friendly tech coats have been a great fit in terms of length for me; I wish Horseware’s came in a long, because otherwise it’s a great fit :frowning:

Yes, Pikeur breeches are LOOOONG. Far longer than any TS I’ve ever worn- love it. Surprisingly, the SmartPak Piper breeches are also quite long, in between Pikeur and TS in length, but obviously at a much more wallet-friendly price :slight_smile:

In the more classic style coats RJ in Long usually fits, but GP tall or tall/slim is great. And usually there is enough fabric in the cuff to have it let out if need be.

I had a number of custom show shirts made- Saltare was the company, but it’s since been sold, not sure what it’s called now, but they gladly added 4" to each sleeve- fit perfectly! As you’re just starting, maybe something like an Essex coolmax- I found that by going up several sizes (I grabbed a 42 instead of a 32) the sleeves got somewhat longer- worth it to me to then spend the $12 to have the shirt taken in.

Do you know what your inseam is? Some european brands run longer. I could provide some recommendations if you know your inseam (breech inseam measures to the ankle bone, although some riders like it to hit higher or lower.

I just bought a pair of Horze GP winter breeches, and was pleasantly surprised at how long the are. Not so amused that they consider a 30/32 to be L/XL LOL. I’m about 5’10" with a 33" inseam.

I am glad to hear the Long TS trophy hunters are longer, I gave up on TS years ago when they were all that was “in” but the longs barely covered my calves. Tired of Velcro biting into my poor calf muscles and the “Capri pant” look! I have a 36" inseam though and I have been very happy with a big pile of the discontinued Bradleys everyone else hated because they were super long and had no shape. :lol: when they were $15 I got like 10 pairs.

5’8 here, mostly limbs.
For breeches- I’ve found the Pipers to be a good length. Trophy Hunters are still a touch short.
Got lucky with Essex Talent Yarn shirts being just long enough. The tall/long Ovation show coats fit me like a dream.
For half chaps: I use Tredsteps. My show boots are Deniros in the XXTall and are almost too tall!