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We’ve got a cute 15.1 hand bay gelding with a fortune cookie shaped star on his forehead who is said to be an OTTB. He’s estimated to be 8 or 9 from Vet records. His name was changed at some point to “Send Noods” , so we aren’t sure what his JC name was originally. The previous barn we purchased him from didn’t have any luck reading his tattoo either.

It’s a fun little mystery we are trying to solve. Does his tattoo look like he could possibly be an appendix instead of a TB?

Photo contrast increased to see his tattoo better. He is not a dark bay.


That does not look like a TB tattoo to me. It should start with a letter of the alphabet, and have more numbers after that for a TB.

Most of it is actually clear (?2175) but I do think it may be an appendix tattoo. TB would be a letter followed by 5 numbers. This looks like either a letter and 4 numbers or just 5 numbers. I did search the last 12ish years for TBs for a partial tattoo with those numbers, bay gelding with a star, and no results.

I had a similar thought too. He was being sold as an OTTB, but his tattoo seems like it would be a digit off no matter how you try to see it. His numbers seem clear enough still if he is an appendix we could find some info!

Silly question, didn’t they start mircochipping track bound TBs at some point? When was that?

  1. If only it was sooner. :joy:
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