TB/AA/WB Stallion for Connemara Mare for Eventing


I have the opportunity this year to lease a friend’s lovely and well-bred Connemara mare to breed my next event horse, who would ideally be coming into full work at the same time as my old man is easing (reluctantly) into retirement. I have a short list of stallions I am already considering, but I’m open to suggestions.

I’d really love to hear people’s experiences with and opinions on breeding to the following stallions:

  • Either Gem Twist clone - Gemini CL xx or Murka’s Gem xx
  • Bonaparte N - AA
  • Persiflage - AA
  • All That Jazz - AA
  • Balou Star

Here’s what I’d like to produce:

15-15.2 hands (I’m quite petite), sporty, scopey, and sound. I prefer a forward ride and I don’t mind a bit of pony attitude, but I don’t want to end up with a TRUE pro ride. Sensitive is fine if they’re also sensible. I’d like a horse with a good gallop and ground-covering stride, to make up for the fact that I want a pretty SMALL horse.

Since I do not own this mare and she might be leased out again as a broodmare, I’m not comfortable sharing pictures of her, so you’ll have to trust my analysis.
(Here is where I am about to get long-winded, so if you just have an opinion on one of the afore-mentioned stallions, feel free to skip).

Mare is a very typey, short but substantial horse who has no problem carrying your average adult. In terms of conformation: she’s definitely a rectangular shape, but she has a very strong back and loin area, and excellent lumbo-sacral joint placement. She has great angles behind and muscling. Her legs are sturdy with nicely sloped pasterns and a good hoof. She toes out a little bit in the front, but it is slight - I did not notice until I read her ACPS inspection report and took a good look at her. Her shoulder is nicely laid back, but I’d like to see a more open angle between the scapula and humerus in her foal. I’d also like to refine her neck a little bit. Her neck is nicely shaped, but it ties in a bit lower on her chest than I would like.

Movement wise, she’s more correct than fancy. I think more refinement in front would give her more reach, especially at the canter. Her gaits are proportionate to her size, but I’d like to aim for a bigger canter/gallop. A fancy trot would be nice but is not one of my top priorities.

She’s a very scopey jumper with good technique, and I really want to reinforce these traits.

Temperament: she’s very lovey and sweet on the ground, and a good girl under saddle. She’s VERY smart and has a bit of pony 'tude, but I like that. I feel safer on XC on a horse who can and will think for themselves, and I’ll accept that the dressage will be more of a challenge :joy: :joy: She is more of a kick ride than I prefer, but willing to work with you.

If you made it through all that, I’d love your advice!

I’m not a breeding expert, but I love thoroughbreds, so if the research has shown that the clones produce robust offspring, I’d have to jump for one of the Gem Twist clones. I loved Gem Twist, too.

Do you ride a Connemara or cross now?

If you want a 15.2 hand horse, I suggest you breed to one. Otherwise you might get something as big as the stallion. Would you be happy if the future offspring ends up as large as the stallion? If not then that would be a limiting factor.

Do you mind having a grey horse and taking the risk of melanoma?

Do you like the hotter temperament of the anglo Arabian?

If you are breeding for yourself then think of what you want. It’s different if you are breeding for resale.

It looks like Murka’s Gem actually is 15.2hh… who knew! Sporthorse Data also seems to have Gemini at 15.2. I don’t believe Gem Twist was known for being small, so I wonder how the clones ended up small…

Laura Chapot had a handful of the earliest Gemini babies who did quite well at WEF a winter or two ago, it might be worth finding video of them to see if you like the type being thrown.

I do not have a Connemara or cross right now, but I’ve ridden them in the past and liked (almost) all the ones I’ve known.

All That Jazz is 16.2 and Bonaparte N is 16.1; the others are all under 16 hands. Do you think it’s more likely to get something as big as the stallion than as small as the mare? 15.2 would be ideal, but if it ends up taller or shorter, I can adapt.

I have a grey horse now, and I’ve been lucky so far with him that he only has a few, small melanomas. I check him over frequently. I won’t eliminate the possibility of a grey.

I don’t know many Anglo Arabs, but I do like the hotter temperament. My horse now is a full Arab and pretty hot. My winter goal with him is usually “make it to spring and go from there.” I think Arabs (the hot ones, not the children’s pony saints) are like border collies - if you can engage them physically AND mentally, you have an amazing partner, but you need to give them a job.

I am breeding for myself, because I don’t see what I want on the market very often!

I can’t find a reliable height for Gem Twist, but with both of his clones being smaller, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t as tall as people think but had a big presence. He certainly did have a big presence! If only one clone was short, I’d say it was just the clone, but both?

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Murkas Gem is 15.2 but his foals are usually larger as they have Gem Twist genes. He is a really good looking horse.

www.stallionai.co.uk collect from him and sell frozen world wide. He is v popular in the USA. Their website is full of interesting horses and the operation is top class and very helpful.

Another place to look is www.futuresporthorses.co.uk as they have stunning stallions including a full TB, Future Prophecy, and one by Upsilon (French ox) x Heraldik xx called Future Hepsilon. They also use Stallion AI Services and are available frozen. Upsilon is the nicest event stallion I’ve seen since Chilli Morning. Sadly, he was seriously ill and has only recently come back to sufficient health to breed so his get is hard to find.

Are you in the US or the UK?

I am in the US :slightly_smiling_face:

I REALLY like Upsilon, I’m glad he’s recovering. I can’t find anyone advertising that they have his frozen, so I don’t think he’ll work for me this year.

It looks like EMCO Stallion Services, who imports the Murka’s Gem frozen, will have both Future Prophecy and Future Hepsilon in mid-April. Something to think about!

Glad to be of help. Future Gravitas doesn’t meet your requirements but he is getting really good horses in a variety of disciplines. They catch my eye when eventing.