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TB Euthanized in Dubai (Oct 2022)

These things are always sad, not clear if the horse was training or what happened; he had not raced since last year’s Kentucky Derby. My question is how does a horse get fractures in both hips? This doesn’t sound like a training type accident (I dont think…) Maybe some pasture injury? Any thoughts?


Take it for what it is… internet gossip… but I’ve read a few comments that stated it happened while in a wash stall/rack.
Again, no idea how correct that info is, I’ve not been able to find a legit source.

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Cast in a stall, rearing and flipping, any number of pasture accidents…

Horses are unfortunately very creative when it comes to injuries. Especially TBs.


Yeah, I know they can be “creative” and I’ve seen my share. But in all my years of horses I’ve never heard of one breaking both hips. I happened to be talking to a vet friend the other day; she said possibly something that made hind legs splay out, like slipping on ice. Not likely in Dubai in Sept. I guess a rear and flip on hard surface is the option that seems most likely.

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My guess would be something very simple - slipping on concrete in a wash rack.

All it would take is a horse being fresh. Water makes things slippery and hard ground takes care of the rest.

I had a horse break his hip in three different places just from a pasture wipe-out. And I don’t mean a pelvic wing fracture. I can very easily see a horse breaking two hips after rearing and falling on concrete or hard ground.


Thanks! This does sound like a logical possibility. I know one horse that was acting up in stall, managed to get one hind hoof thru the vertical bars that started amost 5 ft up the wall. He went down while struggling; someone sat on his neck while we found some ace and knocked him out. Took a hacksaw to get him free. Somehow he survived all that with only some muscle soreness but it was the scariest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Another one jumped out of the ring, hit the asphalt and went down hard on one side and slid a ways. He managed to have only road rash. Sometimes we are lucky, sometimes not.

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“Seemar said the colt suffered a non-training injury, slipping and falling after rearing up. Michael Burke said Summer Is Tomorrow sustained fractures in both hips as a result of the fall, and the injuries led the colt to be euthanized.”


I must need better glasses. Or I should read slower…Thanks!! Edited to add - maybe they updated that one part after I posted the link?

Nope. It was definitely updated with that info.
None of the other articles had stated what was the cause either (in the original articles).
It had stated that Burke did not know what happened.

THANK YOU, I thought I was losing a step or so…

I watched that sort of accident happen. In my case, the horse (shod all around) was being led in, everything was fine, it slipped as it came into the barn (light into dark in terms of visual cues that day) on wet bricks and something spooked it or it spooked and then slipped. Panicked, went up and sort of over while doing the splits at the same time. End result was a broken pelvis and hip. I don’t know what happened in the end with the horse, but I know it was career ending and it vanished from the barn. So probably not good. Hind shoes, asphalt, bricks, concrete, etc…I’ve never really liked them since.

I’ve seen a horse rear on asphalt, flip, and fracture his skull. Could not get up, was flipping around like a fish. Also euthanized.

Slick surfaces and rearers don’t mesh well.

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