TB Eventers Today at 5* Fair Hill

He went cross country with no jumping or time penalties today and is in 13th before showjumping. 30 starts on the track. Ridden by Buck Davidson.

Pedigree; https://www.pedigreequery.com/sorocaima


This unraced son of National Anthem is in 11th before Show Jumping, with no jumping or time faults on cross country, ridden by Jennie Brannigan.



Campground finished with no jumping or time faults on cross country. Ridden by Erin Kanara.



Erin Kanara and Campground


That’s the first time I’ve seen Campground. He was amazing!

There are two more you missed @skydy! (Wasn’t sure if you were getting to them or if they slipped under your radar because they were “international”)

Dunedin Black Watch



Three A.P. Indy’s. Coincidence, prolific sire, jumping talent?

Thanks @Texarkana, I just missed those.

He was very prolific, but he does show up in many sport horse pedigrees.

The problem is the show jumping. Yes there were lots of penalties for all horses today but are there any TB’s that can deliver a clean showjumping round?

Tight Lines. Love that horse, but he missed most of this season. He’s only 15 so I hope we see him again.

The thread was not made to compare TBs to Warmbloods in Eventing Show Jumping but for the pleasure of TB racing enthusiasts, thus it is on the racing forum. These horses do have to have their MERS to compete in a 5* so there is that.

TB race horses are no more bred for show jumping than Warmbloods are for speed or for racing each other on the track. With the changes in Eventing, endurance is no longer front and center and the show jumping especially favors the Warmblood breeds.

To see race bred TBs go around in 5* eventing and to see their pedigrees, is just fun for us. :wink:


Hey, but Tight Lines jumped double clear 12 times at the advanced level, 3 of those times at the 5* level.

Don’t get too obsessed over the (FR) behind his name, most of those lines are readily available in the USA in any horse of the same age.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Tight Lines Fan



I’d say the common denominator, rather, is Pulpit. Big, big canters! I’m not an eventer, but I have this guy and he’s a monster: https://www.pedigreequery.com/mr+eleventh+hour

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Pulpit has made me a believer, but AP Indy is definitely the common denominator. Wabbit above has no Pulpit. Neither do most of the 5 star thoroughbreds who have run recently with AP Indy blood.


It actually surprised me to see two there out of Pulpit mares. He’s not what I picture when someone says name an UL Event TB sire. Now, Lonhro and Deputy Minister don’t surprise me at all.

Ap Indy was prolific and he also had some incredible sons who were an improvement over him in terms of sport potential. It’s interesting to me to see Pulpit come through his daughters in the same spot of the pedigree.


The majority of North America’s stallions today come through one of three prominent sire lines:

Northern Dancer, Mr Prospector, and… AP Indy.

“Everything else” makes up a tiny percentage of the rest. It never dies out entirely, thankfully, because every few years something rises up from the ashes and has a moment. Like Uncle Mo, Super Saver, Tiznow, Dynaformer, etc.

Going forward, seeing AP Indy will become no more eyebrow raising than Northern Dancer or Mr P or any of their prominent sons. But right now, I think we are still in the period where it’s somewhat noteworthy.

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This one is closely related to 3 of mine!

Caro top and bottom. I’ve enjoyed following Tight Lines too!