TB makeover

I’m going to watch! And to cheer on my friend, who is doing Show Hunter on her guy. Anyone else going? This is my first time, I’m not even really sure what to expect! But I am super excited to see the other disciplines I never get to see. TBH, I’ve never even ridden an OTTB (I think), I’m more a WB paced girl, but my friend swears by them. This is her third time competing. Do a lot of horses get sold there? She has her guy up for sale.


I’m going! Mine is entered in dressage and show hunters, and my trainer’s horse is in show hunter and show jumper. Mine is for sale as well.


Hi there!!!

I’m the show jumping steward and it’s a great event. Tons of fun and the Tb/OTTB world is a nice friendly tight knit community.

Some people do sell their horses there, but as the prices have risen, fewer have sold at the makeover itself. But some transactions start at the makeover and get finalized later.

Come say hi! I’ll be at the ingate for the jumper ring what feels like all week. LOL.



I’ll be there scribing for the hunter judges again this year. So much fun and great horses.


I’m not going this year, but I competed in the past. A seriously FUN show. Everyone is so friendly. I competed a friend’s OTTB and we took my OTTB along as a buddy, so we rode them all around the grounds. It was so fun, and our horses were super friendly too, so they made as many friends as we did! You are going to see a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and personalities. Most of the horses I saw were very quiet and easy going (good training will help with that a ton!) and they can do all sorts of jobs. I honestly believe that TBs are the most athletic and versatile breed out there.


I’ll be there! It is a really fun event. Everyone there knows that everyone there has a green horse, and that everyone is there out of love for thoroughbreds, so there is a lot of camaraderie and support and understanding of the challenges involved. I look forward to it every year. I’ll be in the trade show with Harry Dabbs saddles. They have some models designed specifically for OTTBs and are big supporters of moving racehorses into new careers in general.


How does that work? People keep talking about that concept for hunters, but I’ve never actually seen it done.

I hope everyone had a great time. A friend of mine did well with a couple of her horses, I believe.

Is there anyone here from NE FL or S GA headed that way? Could a JRT hitch a ride with you?
He is going to a disabled man in Campbellsville KY, they can meet you to get him from you. I will even contribute gas $$


It was definitely different! The RRP uses score cards that are more along the lines of a dressage test mixed with a hunter score card. Each horse gets a score for each jump and then scores for overall impressions. Then the scores are totaled for their overall score for each class.

I think it works pretty well for the over fences classes to a certain point, but it’s hard to score lead changes (or non lead changes) or other mistakes on corners unless it affects the next fence.

The flat score card needed some changes. We made some suggestions last year so I’m interested to see if they were used.


Huh. Interesting. Thanks!

Does anyone know if there will be (or ever has been) a livestream? I’d love to watch!

Circling back to this, what happens if the horse has eight good jumps but bucks like a rodeo horse on every turn? It sounds like the scoring system needs some refinement to cover the whole round.


Right - You’d think a horse that goes around completely quiet and pleasantly with an auto change, but has spots that are consistently a touch deep or a touch long would place higher but sounds like that isn’t the case based on that scorecard?

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Yes, the finale (the top 5 in each discipline) has a live stream! I don’t know that they’ve posted a link yet, but I’ll share here if I find it.


@Xctrygirl, I know you’ve mostly been involved on the jumper side of things, but do you have any insight here? I would think the same would be true for jumper scoring - great jumps, but zero rideability for instance.

Is jumpers also scored subjectively, as opposed to time/faults?

Yep! There is a brief gymnastics and flat component too. The idea being that you’re setting these horses up for success in their new careers. I’m sure I could run an OTTB around a 2’6" course with great speed in a minimal timeframe, but that doesn’t mean they have all the basics necessary to truly succeed in that discipline.


That totally makes sense, especially at that height. I just hadn’t thought about it, and assume jumpers = fastest clear round wins or a jump-off.

Im hauling a horse just south of Atlanta to KHP on Oct 13th?

Can you tell us more about this?