TB mare bloodlines -specifically for sport horse

Holy cow I have not been on here in forever! The interface has really changed! I posted this in sport horse breeding and someone kindly suggested I post this here because you all know TBs so well :slight_smile:

I love reading feedback from those that know the TB lines, I know there are a few TB gurus on here so I thought I’d see what you all had to say.

This is a TB broodmare I acquired a couple years ago. She previously produced three jumpers from warmblood stallions. I purchased her from a friend to get a traditional ID sport horse. She lost the foal last year so we started riding her again. She is definitely sensitive but such a cool mover, very athletic, great feet, big bodied, and overall super sweet. So if I don’t get another baby out of her I will just use her for a riding horse as she is sound sound sound :slight_smile:

Anyways, what do you all know about these bloodlines? I bought her based on her ‘type’ and what she previously through. I have read good but limited info about Holy bull (her sire).

Link to her pedigree.


Thanks everyone!


Hold Your Peace had two sons who stood locally to me (Wander Kind and Pax Nobiscum), and the offspring of both were popular among the h/j and 3DE crowd, for high level jumping ability. I had a few of each. Usually big boned solid horses. Wander Kind was more popular and successful as a sire of racehorses, more plentiful offspring as a result. One of his was an international level 3DE of note. The Pax Nobiscum mare I bred and sold as a hunter prospect did a lot of winning at the Royal Winter Fair a few years later, in the junior hunter divisions.

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Piggybacking on what Nancy said, the Holy Bull/Great Above sire line has above average success with steeplechasing and races over fences. Successful steeplechasing lines are often a good predictor of sport ability.

The horses by Holy Bull tend to have really sensible temperaments in my experience. Most have good substance and a strong shoulder and hindquarters.

I don’t think I have any firsthand experience with Rizzi progeny, but Afleet also sired above average success racing over fences. He stamped them with a bit of a plain wrapper look, but they always get the job done. Really versatile horses in my experience. His progeny were running in just about every type of race over here, then he went over to Japan and continued to have international success siring just about every type of runner over there.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Happy that both replies were so positive!


Intentionally was a very nice stallion; he is the sure of In Reality who shows up in hunter/sport horse lines. Big Spruce was also a very nice stallion.

I like the European distaff… and I may be looking back a bit further than some.

5th dam FLEET was the champion 2 year old and champion miler and a full sister to champion sprinter DEMOCRATIE, 1/2 sister to champion 2 year old POURPARLER, 1/2 sister to champion 2 year old filly DISPLAY, and 1/2 sister to champion 2 year old SPITHEAD.

4th dam HELOISE own the grade 2 Diana H.

3rd dam Hemlock was stakes placed and produced a stakes horse.

2nd dam Lockpeace produced a winner of $250K

1st dam is a stakes winner

she’s also inbred to Herbager through two of his sons. My old friend always looked for doubling up on Herbager!