TB pedigree comments?

Would someone be willing to comment please? He is being trained for showjumping. Thank you!

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Being Irish bred, the close up two generations are not something I would know about as I am west coast Canadian. But Hoist the Flag is nice, as is Saddler’s Wells for jumping talent. And Galileo is just a monster superstar. Is he bred as a steeplechaser in Ireland? I see he was bought as a yearling, but never raced? Why (do you know?). The family seems to be a bit light on production in terms of racing success, but someone believed in it enough to produce him. But as a show jumper, the book is yet to be written I think. Good luck with him.

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Yeah… being in the US, I have zero first hand experience with anything in his first or second generation.

I mean, every single line this horse has is successful jumping if you go back far enough. :woman_shrugging:


Classic breeding in there: sire was 2nd in the Derby, 4th in the St Ledger then retired to a top Irish Stud to stand as a National Hunt sire. No particular record yet as his get are still babies in NH terms. This horse was sold as a ‘store’ for jump racing which suggests reasonable bone and conformation, as judged by experienced eyes. I’m interested in how he has come to be showjumping in Europe. He will probably make a good fist of it.


He is the bay horse on here:
His dam sire sired two Grand National horses. His dam line is that of Surumu but the connection is far back (Credenda). I was told he was too slow while in training.

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The sire, one of Godolphin’s runners, was a G2 winner and G1 placed.

The distaff doesn’t show up much on the flat racing … checking more

I think the distaff is Irish National Hunt only.

Thank you Springboro. And Thank you Willesdon, Texarkana and NancyM.
Liberty is jumping 1.10 metre courses at home and was going to jump his first 1.10 competition but then: lockdown.

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His free jump style is lovely. I second Hoist the Flag.

I looked for a young, tall enough, sound and kind TB through an agent in Ireland. I could not see the horse myself. It was a bit of a gamble. But actually he has an incredible character and temperament. Only he turned out to be taller than I had thought. I think he is 17 hands high, maybe even 17.1.


Same here – no experience with the first two generations. You do know Ahoonora, Galileo, Darshaan, Alleged, and Hoist the Flag are all over names of great jumpers, especially eventers.

Interesting to see Windjammer so close. It’s a name that I remember but I can’t recall where from. Possibly from the eventing world?

So glad to see you posting again, and happy you’ve found a nice gelding to enjoy. He looks absolutely lovely, I enjoyed watching the videos of him - great back end too over some of the bigger stuff.

Hello Sam, Thank you for welcoming me back. Kind of you to respond. I could not give up my dream of trying a Thoroughbred at showjumping. It is hard to find ancestors of him that produced sporthorses.
However after you mentioned Windjammer I started to search and found these horses:




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Just also found a Darshaan horse:

And this horse has Sadler’s Wells, however a bit far back:





Jumped 1.10 metre course for the first time. Two rails down.


Good for you! Great pictures, too!

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Saturday my horse got 4th place during a 1.10 m showjumping competion with 36 competitors in Westervoort The Netherlands.


I think it will not take too long before they will be jumping 1.20 m courses.

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