TB Pedigree Eval

So, it’s been a few years since I’ve sought the collective wisdom of COTH. If you should have some ‘extra’ time, and feel so inclined, thoughts on this mare. Looking hard at a 2018 foal she had, and trying to do my due diligence - getting as much information as I can - both positive and negative. As always, will evaluate what is in front of me.

I don’t have any experience with either the sire, or the dam. I did see she was approved for breeding with GOV; that is worth something and it wouldn’t be the first horse with Kingmambo in their pedigree to be approved. There’s nothing in her pedigree that would concern me – either for sport or propensity for soundness. Lots of tough lines in there and the eventing crowd loves KM and Alydar - not that either are very up close at all anymore.

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The one thing I know about Parade Ground is that he was allegedly a mean SOB.

Kingmambo is one of my favorite sires. Supposedly he had a bad temperament, too, but I never saw it in him. His groom even let me pet him and pose for pics without concern. :woman_shrugging: They normally don’t let you get too chummy with the ones who will hurt you. And every single Kingmambo horse I have known has been ridiculously sweet: like puppy dog, in your pocket, the BEST temperaments. I’ve seen his son Lemon Drop Kid quite a bit and he also seems fine, and his offspring are just as sweet.

Just this morning I was looking up the pedigree of an eventing TB who recently moved up to advanced and placed high this weekend; not surprisingly, he is an Alydar grandson through Alymagic. Alydar always has a good reputation for sport.

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Thanks guys! From what I gather from the breeder, this particular mare really produces foals with the temperament of the sire. Unfortunately, she found that out the hard way after breeding to a stallion not known for a good temperament. The foal was extremely difficult. Hence she chose a stallion with a fantastic temperament for the guy I am considering. So far, he has been a total sweetie pie. Fingers crossed!.

If you have access to Barabara Livingston’s Old Friends books, Battle Creek Girl has a great entry. She looked like a beautiful mare! Nor sure if it was the first or second book, but I’m thinking it was in the second. I’m at work or I’d get more detail for you.

LOVE Alydar that close up. Can’t comment on the sire line.

We’ve had three w Alydar; all three could really jump!

Finally was able to visit this boy over the weekend. Talked to his breeder/owner. She has had a lot of experience breeding for the track and then moved over to sport horse breeding and is now winding down out of breeding. A wealth of knowledge and stories on this! Lots of great information as to the breeding background and decisions on this particular boy - of course along with a lot of other stories! Did find out that his dam is approved not only for GOV, but Westfalen and Rhinelander as well - nice!

He is super sweet, very curious but respectful. Saw him on a Saturday and he had just gotten there on Thursday. He had previously always been in very quiet facilities, but this one is a very busy show barn with a lot going on all the time. He watches what goes on when things are happening by his stall, and then goes right back to his hay. Fortunately was able to see him spook at some “very scary” lawn chairs, an ATV driving quickly by the open door at the end of the indoor and having to wait for quite some time (boring standing around) in the indoor in order to lunge. All pretty much non-events. I always like to see the unexpected when looking at young horses to see how they process information and the decsions/reactions they make/have. All in all a fun day meeting his owner, enjoying all her stores, and seeing quite the cuite pie. Now to see what way the universe goes on this.


My oldest broodie’s sire was out of the mare Queen Louie. She definitely got her movement from the bottom side of her pedigree (very huntery- nice, flat kneed trot, etc), so can’t really comment on that. As for her disposition, she’s a very laid back mare, and very in your pocket. However, she is also very sensitive. If you’re in a bad mood or upset about anything, or- God forbid- raise your voice at her, she gets her feelings hurt very easily and will avoid you like the plague for a couple hours. I don’t know how much temperament can come through after a couple generations, so take this with a grain of salt. I do know she passed on her sweetheart genes to her babies, but luckily not her over sensitivity. Good luck!