TB Pedigree Info

Any comments on this TB pedigree as a sport horse? I’m unfamiliar with most of them. A search didn’t turn up much.

It is nice to only see Mr. Prospector once.

Pollard’s Vision is a good looking horse. I feel like there is a competitive upper level eventer by him kicking around at the moment, but I’m drawing a blank on who. I’m coming up with nothing so I may be mistaken on that, but I swear his name jumped out at me in recent entries.

His sire, Carson City, was a darn good sire of jumpers and also some very nice looking and moving horse.

You cannot go wrong with Green Dancer for sport. Nijinksy and his sons have to be one of the best racing lines for crossing over to sport of the 20th century. Nijinksy doesn’t get nearly enough credit for all the influence he’s had on sport horses. They aren’t your typical Northern Dancer sons (not that Northern Dancer is a bad thing at all, he was phenomenal); they tend to be tall, uphill, refined, correct horses.