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TB Pedigree Insights?

I’m bored at work so let’s play a little :winkgrin: I’m very interested in learning more about particular characteristics, traits, conformation, temperament, etc. that may be common to different tb lines. I’ve spent a lot of time searching these threads and absorbing what I can so I have a good base knowledge of some of the bigger & more common names that pop up regularly in here but would love to learn more! Anyone want to share their thoughts on any of these pedigrees? (These would all be ottb’s turned sporthorses)




The party hostess mare is nice on paper. Sir Ivor as the broodmare sire, plus double Somethingroyal, and Key to the Mint on the sire side are all nice. What did she do as a Sporthorse?

Not a lot (due mainly to my lack of funds than a lack of talent on her part). She’s been the ultimate do anything ammy horse. Did jumpers for a few years although never showed past 3’, dabbled in hunters, & would’ve probably made a great eventer if her rider (me lol) could’ve found a way to help her enjoy the dressage part more:winkgrin: Boldest horse I’ve ever ridden xc! Also the easiest horse to haul out & hit the trails with, do a parade, or carry a flag in a rodeo as well! Nothing phases her. Wish I’d had more time and money to really campaign her