TB pedigree insights?

Any thoughts/insights on this mare’s pedigree for sport? She’s small, but a lovely hunter type mover. I know Rahy himself was small. I have a gelding with Blushing Groom, but its further back and through a different line.

Double Halo plus Storm Cat… may be spicy.

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I would try her, see what she is like. Her distaff is very good for sport. Some people feel Halo is a source of difficult temperament, but he is by one of the best known sires for sport, and he did sire Devil’s Bag - a stallion that had several UL horses. This mare is 14, so I would reckon ‘what you see is what you get’.

Bernstein and Skywalker up close are two of the better names you can get in a horse born in the early 2000s. I like Rahy as well, though it’s rare now to see him as a direct sire.

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It’s my understanding Halo was known for throwing a disproportionate number of horses with neck problems. That said, I agree about Devil’s Bag and I love In Reality.

Always go see the horse. Pedigree is just a piece of paper.

With that said, this is not a pedigree I would personally pick out of a line up only because Rahy was not my favorite. That doesn’t mean the horse isn’t absolutely lovely. I’ve just had enough “meh” experiences with Rahy that it’s not a name that excites me.

Elisa Wallace currently competes a Bernstein son at the 5* level in eventing. Bernstein is a horse I liked quite a bit.

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If you’re looking at her for performance, then just judge the mare in front of you.

If there’s a potential to breed her down the road, then also take into consideration the pedigree and what it might be most suited for (outside of her own talent) which will help you choose a stallion.