TB Pedigree thoughts / experience (Sweet Return x Diplomatic Jet)

Mare popped up locally by Sweet Return, who’d I’d like when he was in Florida.
However saying that I have no idea how he ended up being as a sport type sire, and I don’t have any personal experience with the bottom side of the mares pedigree.
Overall she’s 2x Roberto (who I know by reputation) and 2x Tri Jet (through Diplomatic Jet & Copelan)
Pedigree Query - Pegs Olympic Zoie

I’m THINKING about seeing her in person, even though I absolutely do not need a mare. From photos she’s in pretty rough shape at the moment, with terrible feet.

2 of my mares (24 and 15 yrs old) have Copelan (by Tri Jet) as their dam’s sire, and a third mare (7yrs) who’s sire Rockport Harbor was out of a Copelan mare. I also owned a mare who was directly by Copelan, but she passed from old age a number of years ago. (yes, there is a reason I own so many Copelan-bred horses, but not necessarily for sport use) :grinning:

The mare I lost, as well as the oldest of the 2 with him as a dam sire have beautiful, flat-kneed trots that would be perfect in the hunter world. I have never jumped them, so I cannot comment on any jumping abilities, or lack thereof. However, both of them also toe (toed) in significantly in front. This came directly from the Copelan/Tri Jet side. I would definitely pay attention to the front feet of the mare you’re looking at, especially since she has Tri Jet twice on bottom. Both of them are tall, the passed mare was 16.2 and my 24yo is 16.3. Both of them are/were very intelligent and very loving.

Luckily, the 15 and 7yo mares do not toe in. The older one is built like a tank- 16.2 hh, 1400 lbs and wears a size 4 shoe. Sadly, she just has blah, nothing special gaits. She’s a big, lovable doofus that tends to have some “dumb blonde” moments. The youngest one is 16.1 and built slimmer than any of the others. She does have some really decent dressage movement. But with Caro on both top (4th gen) and bottom (3rd) on her pedigree, it’s not that surprising. She’s also pretty smart and loves attention after she got to know me.

As a generalization, the mares tend to pass through whatever movement the sire has while keeping the laid back, lovable temperaments. Looking at the photo on PQ, she has a white face. I can almost guarantee she will pass that on, including possibly leg chrome; that also comes from Copelan. He was well-known to trademark his offspring with white faces, and often legs as well. All of the mares except the youngest have been easy keepers/borderline air ferns. They also tend to pass on their height, even if bred to a slighly smaller stallion.

Hope this helps somewhat! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Below a pic of my 15 yo with her “oops” colt from a couple years ago. (please ignore her awkward stance, it’s just a moment in time and not usual) His sire had a star on his forehead but that’s it, so he clearly inherited mom’s chrome. From day one, he has been laid back, easy going and lovable dude. Definitely got his mom’s affable temperament, as well his occasional “duh” moments. :smile:


That mare is built like a brick house!

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