TB Pedigree

Hey guys!
I am looking at a mare for either eventing or jumpers. She is a 2008, 16.2hh, non-raced tb mare. I’ll attach pictures later but I’m curious what her pedigree says about her!! I’d really appreciate it of you guys took a looks and gave me your input!!


I’m no expert but I’m a huge fan of Damascus. And I have never seen Tim Tam in a pedigree this close up. Not that that necessarily means anything. I like Seattle Slew for sport but don’t know anything about Capote.

A few names I’ve almost never seen that close up! I think this would be a very cool pedigree for sport.

For what it is worth, I had a gelding who is by Crusader’s Sword and he is an incredibly correct jumper with all the scope you’d ever need in an event horse. Definitely a line I would like again. Lots of other nice names here though!

You’ve got some slightly older names up close, which is always cool to see. Personally, I really like the In Reality horses, as well as the Damascus and the Seattle Slew. I’ve had some really athletic horses with those names showing up in thier pedigrees. Pictures?

I’ve seen quite a few Capote horses do well for themselves in the hunter ring. Known Fact was a very correct and beautiful stallion - I don’t see a lot of his progeny.

Hey guys!! Thanks for responding!! I don’t really have the best video but I’ll post it anyway! She is track trained but never raced. Not injured and the sweetest thing I have ever met!! It was hard getting her to free trot and canter around because she just wanted to hang out with us! I met her and was so happy with her personality! She is just pasture fit now. Hasn’t really done much except eat and hang out with other horses!! I have pictures but they don’t seem to want to post!!! faculties tru game trot gallop: http://youtu.be/eOisPkJi_cc

faculties tru game trot gallop: http://youtu.be/eOisPkJi_cc


There are a number of real pedigree experts that post here. Vineyridge is one of them, but there are others as well.

The thing that I noticed, and that I love to see in mares, is the number of star mares (Reines de course) she has in her pedigree. That’s never a bad thing, IMHO.