TB Sport Stallions

I know, it’s been brought up several times, and I’ve searched the forum history. I’m trying to put a list together to help with my breeding plans.

So I’m checking in to see if there are any new sport stallions out there, or any I’ve missed.
Trying to keep track of the ones available (fresh or frozen) with sport records, or proven sport pedigrees.

Check out my list? And comment with any that I missed / should add.

TB Sport Stallion List


Hollywood Handsome was approved WESTF last year and is standing in VA for 2022. I don’t think he made it onto your list. https://www.willowhillequestrian.com/copy-of-ampere

ETA: Future Prophecy (Power Blade xx x Hand in Glove xx) is also available frozen via EMCO Stallion services. It is worth noting he is a FFS carrier, so mares should be tested, but he looks lovely. He is AES approved. https://futuresporthorses.co.uk/stallions/future-prophecy/?fbclid=IwAR1smyji2IMSm8PmRqUCL0weJkKtJLVX8vLVnFTJxXJgZro7XncO38nPQmM

There are also the two Gem Twist clones, Gemini (I believe available through SES) and Murka’s Gem (also available through EMCO I think).