Looking for any info regarding "Great Notion ".
Have you bred to him? Progeny in the showring?
Which direction is he most successful in? Hunters? Jumper? Brains? Heart? Ridability? Soundness issues?
Any and all info greatly appreciated.

I have seen him in person, don’t know too much about his Sporthorse offspring. I know there is one eventing,can’t recall anything else. I looked at all the Northview Stallions in person last year shopping for my mare at both PA and MD farms. The impression he made on me was: he didn’t. Some of the horses made impressions on me for better or worse. I just can’t remember much about him one way or the other. So… That means nothing stood out about him to make me sit up and take notice.

I LOVED my Great Notion gelding that I bought as a resale horse. He had the best brain. If I had known at the time that my personal horse was permanently lame (I was still trying to rehab him) I would have kept him. He only has a bit of a USEA record but his name is Leopold ATR if you want to look him up (Belle’s Notion is his JC name). He was bought by a YR in Vermont and she loves him too! She just hasn’t had time to compete him much.

I have a 2013 daughter of Great Notion. She’s had a slow start. Raced in 2016, lost to the Amish until 2018 when she emerged at a kill pen.

It’s taken two years to gain her trust, so we’ve just started saddle training. As violent as she was on the ground, she’s been very respectful and kind under saddle.

She’s a little hot (takes after the dams side) but very athletic with a natural balance to her build. I quite like her.