TB's @ Maryland Fair Hill Eventing/ TB Makeover Kentucky Horse Park

Sired by Sharp Humor, Stephen Got Even, Medaglia d’Oro, Tiznow, Value Plus (Unbridled’s Song) o/o an Elusive Quality mare, Awesome Again, Quiet American, Chestertown Slew

@AJeventer may be able to name more names.


In the 5* Sea of Clouds, Palm Crescent, Bogue Sound, Steady Eddie and Indy 500 all are OTTBs I think. Sea of Clouds is a Malibu Moon.


Palm Crescent is the Quiet American. Steady Eddie is by the Australian sire Jetball. Bouge Sound is by Crafty Shaw o/o a Victory Gallop mare. Indy500 is by Cromwell o/o a Spend A Buck mare. Sea of Clouds is by Malibu Moon o/o a Jolie’s halo mare (and was not a good race horse.) :blush:


Here is the latest on the Thoroughbred Makeover at the Kentucky Horse Park; https://eventingnation.com/final-day-of-preliminary-competition-wraps-up-at-thoroughbred-mega-makeover/


It’s interesting to see the makeover horses pedigrees…

It’s really too bad that the Makeover and the Maryland 5 star occurred at the same time. I would have liked to have seen both, but chose the 5 star. I hope that the TV coverage was better than the last few years, when the audio was completely inaudible. I’ll search back for some replays, but they don’t have the same flavor as seeing things live.


Tight Lines, who finished 5th in the 5*, is an OTTB from France. He only ran once over fences. Pedigree

Sea of Clouds was the highest placed American TB and the recipient of RRP trophy as a result. I’m SOCS’ biggest fan and was thrilled for him, but I did find it ironic he got the trophy when another TB finished ahead of him.

It frustrates me to no end that no one has solved the mystery of Jack My Style’s pedigree. Or if they have, no one has communicated it. He’s full TB but never registered.


I know! WTF!

Make me SOC’s #2 biggest fan. I love the MM babies.

An aside about Seattle Slew: it’s very interesting to see redemption for SS in sport through his sons. I always thought up close he was a jump killer since I worked with so many of his kids who were maxed at Training (including one of my own) but he is consistently in 3rd gen/4th for many UL eventers, albeit it seems only through AP Indy or Slew O Gold. Maybe it is a numbers game (he did cover so many mares) or maybe he really is a source of some event talent. I don’t want him up close but like SC, it seems where he is in the pedigree really matters.

It is hard to find a US TB without Slew these days, though.

AP Indy is probably the best thing that happened to North American TBs for eventing in the past 30 years. He’s also the entire reason it’s hard to find a US TB without Slew; otherwise Slew would only be cropping up as the odd broodmare sire here and there. All of his other sons fizzled out spectacularly.


The livestream symposiums the RRP did with trainers was excellent. It was unfortunate all that was on at the same time as the 5*


I agree re: AP Indy. GOAT. I remember my exercise rider friends used to bicker over who got to work with or exercise the AP horses.They were always so wonderful and you could tell they were by him the moment you saw them.

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Anywhere to watch videos of the RRP winners in each event?

Just to point out there were two horses running at the recent Mondial Du Lion Young Horse Championships by the Gem Twist clone “Gemini XX CL”