Tekna Fancy Stitch Boots

I was looking at the Tekna Fancy Stitched Open Front & Open Back boots sold by Smartpak and was wondering if anybody has them.

They’re an incredible price but I was wondering if they run short, what the quality is like and if they’re quality enough for both schooling and the show ring.

Anybody have the Full size who owns a fairly normal sized horse (warmbloods to be more specific)?

They’re nicely made boots, but they’re sort of obviously not leather. And they have a giant TEKNA logo on the strap, which while tone on tone, is obvious.

I have a set but mine are 4 years old, I have no idea if the current ones fit the same as mine don’t look the same as these.

I have the regular Open Fronts. Bought then because they came in a cob size which fits my 15 hander perfectly. I feel they are very true to size.

I’ve had them close to 2 years, and they honestly look brand new. The Boy sloshed through the mud in they yesterday, I threw them in the sink to soak while I groomed him, rinsed them off, and they honestly look the way they did the day I bought them.

They do tend to rotate just a bit while I’m riding, but nothing major. Can’t beat them for the money!

I’ve only had them for a few months but I like them. I’ve been using them for lessons and shows. So far they still look brand new… I’ve yet to do more than run a wet rag over them to clean them. I got the cob size fronts for my TB although he is 16.1h with average bone. The cob size were on sale for $20 less, and since I’m cheap I took the gamble. Luckily they fit him perfectly. I can’t remember for sure if I got the cob size hinds or horse size, but I think they’re cob as well.

Not super easy to see but here’s a couple pictures.

Worried about them moving from one who posted. Anyone else.

I have a pair and haven’t hesitated to use at shows. They are so easy to clean! I haven’t had any issues with them rotating/moving. Have used the full size on my 16.3 mare and a big ole’ chunk of a 18.2 horse. Fit both quite well (fronts and backs). I think they are well worth the money.

I haven’t had rotation issues either, but I’m very particular and mindful about how I put them on.

I have the fronts and backs as well. Easy to clean and fit well. No issues with moving and wouldn’t hesitate to use them at shows.

I have 2 pairs for schooling. LOVE THEM. Easy to clean and fit my horses like a glove. I’ve had no problems with them moving or rubbing. I actually think from a distance they pass pretty nicely for leather, and I don’t find the logo (which is embossed and tone on tone) at all noticeable. After Woof boots, these are my favorite schooling boots.

I have a set for my midget horse (tiny TB among my warmbloods) and they work great. I have the cob size and haven’t had a problem with rotation, and love being able to hose them clean. While they don’t feel like leather, I’m with vfx that they pass pretty well for leather from a distance and the logo isn’t bad. I’d show in them.

The cob size were great, washed up wonderfully in the washing machine and looked great for schooling. My large/horse ones never stay on they always slip down no matter now tightly they are done up. Very annoying. I don’t use mine any more as the larges just don’t stay on and I sold the cobs with the horse they fit. I won’t buy them again.

Hubby bought me a set for Christmas. They are holding up great and I agree with others that from a distance they look like leather. I feel that the stitching design is not at all distracting and these boots are pretty classic looking in terms of open fronts, particularly the brown color. I bought mine for trail riding, jumping both in the ring and Xc, and for foxhunting so wanted something more easily cleaned than leather. So far no rotation issues at all. My horse is 16.2, TBX and on the stockier side, the large size fits him well.
With smartpaks free returns system I would give them a try.

I mentioned the rotation previously. It’s definitely very slight- not even enough to merit an adjustment. I’ve never had rubs of any sort in 2+ years. Please don’t let my comment deter you from buying- I’d definitely purchase these again.

I bought the hind boots and think they were a good value! I would definitely try the front boots now.

Just a side note, I put them on today for my lesson and it was muddy, muddy! Sprayed them off, hung them to dry and they look like new.

I have a full set of fronts and hinds in Cob size for my 14.1 hh pony, and I LOVE these things. I think they are just as nice looking as a leather boot, and clean up fabulously. I usually spray them off with the hose and then hang to dry after each use. I have used them for lessons, clinics, and shows and have been very happy with them!