Tell about your Stibby-Me offspring

I have a small Hanoverian TB (15.2 and petite) mare I am considering breeding this year or next. I had a GRP before that I loved and would like to breed her to one; I’m an older rider and 5’2". Need a stallion in Canada and Stibby-Me is a couple of hours away. Her Hanoverian lines are Donnegan/Don Frederico/Donnerhall. Gorgeous head, neck, big eye and well built hind end. Very well balanced. Her canter is more like the TB so could use some improvement there. She is very brave and not spooky. A bit of a sensitive ride and worrier and can be a little opinionated so good temperament a must. Her parents were 16.2 (TB) and 17.1 (Hanoverian sire) so she has big genes. She is not particularly leggy but pretty well proportioned. I’d be curious to hear about your Stibby-warmblood crosses. I can send pics and video of the mare to anyone interested if you PM me.

I bred a smaller very old fashioned Hanoverian mare to Stibby. The resultant filly is oversized, but at 5, she’s around the same size as her mother, 15.2 ish. She ended up built almost exactly like her mother, but is much quieter and quite talented as a dressage horse.

I sold her as a just started young horse to a junior rider who loves her. The trainer involved loves her too and told me she’d buy a sibling in a heartbeat. (The dam is 20 now or I’d consider a rebreed.)

I’m happy to share any details you’d like via PM.

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