Tell me about Greenville SC (edited - was originally looking at NC)

West coast eventing trainer contemplating a major move to NC (possibly SC if northern part). I’m a seasoned pro (ie middle-aged) I train, teach, do some sales. Looking for areas that have a need. Any specific areas I should focus on that aren’t already saturated? Any barns in need of instructors? Not in a position to buy a property so would be looking to potentially lease. Could manage a barn in exchange for a stall, open to ideas. Any advice appreciated, would greatly appreciate suggestions on specific barns I should look at when I visit (barns that allow outside trainers).

NC makes sense to me because of location. While I know FL is the big and upcoming place, living there year round doesn’t sound all that appealing. I want a place I could live year round, potential to go south for the winter, but not required.

Howdy!! I would definitely stay away from the Southern Pines-Pinehurst-Raeford area of NC. We are saturated with Eventing and dressage trainers including a couple of Olympians. Maybe look at Greensboro or western NC-Tryon area. Good Luck!

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Thank you. I have heard that. Currently looking at either the Durham area, or farther west… Greenville SC. If you have any input on those places please let me know.

Greenville could be an option… but you will still be competing with the landrum/ Tryon area, since they are so close

I have to say the Greensboro/Winston Salem area. Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel HIll are incredibly expensive with much of the land being developed, so there are fewer and fewer barns. Most of us either trailer down to Southern Pines, which is about an hour and change, or work with several trainers in the area including Holly Hepp and soon Doug Payne.

Greensboro and Winston, though also experiencing development, have more horse properties on the outskirts, so places like Kernersville, High Point, Summerville, Brown Summit, etc. Also, Greensboro was once had a really active eventing scene hosting both the old Henson Farm HT as well as Southern Life (anyone that old who also remembers this one?). You’re also close to I85, so can make your way down to Aiken within a few hours while still being close to Southern Pines. Honestly, I don’t know why more trainers haven’t moved to the area.

The challenge I find with moving to any area is that it’s hard to find a place to start from. I’m not able to buy a facility, and finding barns to “work from” is becoming more and more difficult across the nation. The smaller trainers and quick to give you the negative about an area and tell you there isn’t work, while I’ve found the upper levels trainers to be very kind and supportive.

I was originally interested in NC, but am now focusing on Greenville SC because that’s where I’ve been able to get some contacts, of course that may not be where I ultimately land but trying to give it a go. I am looking forward to seeing more of the Carolinas and meeting the eventing community out there!

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I have a young friend that lives in the Greenville area and she is one of a handful of eventers in that area… they come down to Aiken or go to Tryon alot to school/show… the hunter jumper scene is big there… There is a Clemson area equestrian networking group and a South Carolina Equestrians group on Facebook. Maybe post in there?

My friend moved to Tryon earlier this year, it’s beautiful and I was blown away by the area and how beautiful it was and the effort into keeping trail access when I went to visit. However she said it was hard to find good instruction when she got there in March so maybe there is an opportunity. There are very few eventing trainers in the Tryon area, and they all leave for months in the winter. She also found many barns in the area don’t do evening lessons or cater to working adults at al and there are very few places to haul in and xc school.

Aiken is where most of the eventers are (3 hours away). We went there for a weekend and for her to school at a killer facility. It’s awesome honestly. Horse-girl paradise. If you throw a stone you’ll hit two or three pros.

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They keep coming to Southern Pines!!! LOL I cringe whenever a new eventing or dressage trainer comes to that area…

Doug Payne’s farm is finished and he has his horses there now. :grinning:

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