Tell me about your Doggie DNA Test Results

Hi All!

I just sent in the new puppy’s DNA test. This is the first one I have done because he’s a real mishmash of things and I am just curious (though I have a pretty good idea what the leading breed will be).

While I am waiting to get the results, would love to hear other’s experiences and results with their own dogs. Pictures to accompany results are a bonus; I am sure there’s some fun surprises!

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Have a former stray dog that looks like a purebred black lab, English field type. These days the term ‘stray’ seems no longer in use, he’d be a ‘rescue’. But he didn’t go through a rescue organization. He just turned up, lost and hungry, and we couldn’t find an owner to claim him - the general opinion is that he was dumped. Mighty fancy-looking dog for someone to dump, but I’m told by those who would know that it isn’t uncommon even for purebreds. And labs, as they sometimes prove to be more high energy than an owner anticipated.

People who know labs have seen him and said “What a beautiful lab! How’s he bred?” Dunno, have to ask the people who abandoned him, whoever they are.

So out of curiosity I did the DNA test to see if he really is full lab. The results are that he ‘expresses’ as a lab, is almost all lab, but does have a minor genetic dose of mixed miscellaneous everything domestic dog. From terrier to Rottweiler to chihuahua, and many, many more.

And I have wondered if at least some registered dogs would show similar DNA results. Some of them, at least. They are supposed to be line-bred, of course. But due to life experience, I do wonder, even about legit pedigreed dogs. Maybe someone who knows more about dogs would know about that. :slight_smile:

His actual breeding is unimportant, just an intellectual curiosity. He’s a wonderful dog, loving, funny and charming, and a great emotional stabilizer in this household. :slight_smile:


In rural Missouri along a long gravel road there appeared one day a black dog and a little brown dog. I tried to get them to come to me, but had no success. I took my own dogs up to my dad’s front yard (which is in the vacinity of where i kept seeing the black one - who seemed curious and interested in goings’on - and the little brown one who usually was hiding in the brush) and played and laughed and fed treats to my own dogs. I also put kibble and a pail of water on dad’s front porch. Dad reported that the food was eaten during the night, so i kept it up…leaving a trail of food to little jack-pots around the house to the back porch. Occasionally Dad reported seeing the larger black one eating and drinking.
It took me a week to lure them into my dad’s fenced back yard, but once i finally did, Dad saw them sleeping on the back porch—and a sneaky close of the gate and voila! they became my dogs1 Turns out the reason Dad didn’t ever see the little brown one eat is because he was NURSING! Though he looked plenty old enough to start weaning, he had no interest in solid food. I laid down a little bowl of kibble floating in milk and he instantly ‘got it’! Had to trim the collar off the black one (a lab) because it was soo tight it was about to cut off her head. Got a collar on the little one and took them to the vets. Mum was about 1 1/2 yrs old, the pup, 4 mos (and still nursing). Our best guess is that mum ran off in heat, had a litter, managed to keep one alive living off roadkill and moles and bugs. She looked like a fullblooded field lab of good quality, he…well, the poor little ugly puppy had mange and though a chocolate color, to me, resembled more of a houndy type of dog. Sent in dna samples to Embark, mum (now named: Bingo) tested all lab-field lab, and pup (now named: Jimmy) tested 92.7% field lab and 7.3% rough collie (like Lassie type of collie, not bc). I’m a dog trainer for FEMA so i put them to work! Bingo is now a HRD K9 for USAR/FEMA and Jimmy a LiveFind (also USAR/FEMA) certified dog, deployable to find people buried alive at disaster sites. Here are pics of the ugly mangey puppy Jimmy, and he and me, 18mos later, the day we passed our certification test.


i LOVE talking about this subject!!! My dog was found on the side of the road hit by a car, and brought into a vet office where my friend worked. I thought for sure he was chihuahua/corgi, but the DNA test results from Wisdom Panel said otherwise…

  • 12.5% Chihuahua
  • 12.5% Pomeranian
  • 12.5% Pekingese
  • 12.5% American Eskimo dog
  • 12.5% Shiba Inu
  • 37.5% UNKNOWN!!!

Now he is my little agility star!!!


Sweetie is a failed foster, she came from a hoarder with 55 dogs in the house total.
Scraps was starved almost to death then abandoned, freezing, soaked and stained with urine, and weighing a skeletal 20 pounds. I wasn’t sure he would live.

I think the Embark test is worth the extra cost- I like the health information since both of these guys have no meaningful history.

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Sweetie and Scraps look like so much fun! Thank you for sharing them and their information.

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@eightpondfarm What a wonderful story.

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I just tested my new puppy this summer:

and decided to test my 9 year old dog, too. For the past 8 years, I assumed she was about 4 breeds, and one was pit bull. She is about 40lbs, and I was super surprised to see no pit bull, and a mix of large breeds, with one smaller breed to shrink her down to size:


My $10. Shelter Rescue came to me a wild and wooly semi-feral although sweet with people.
I thought she may have some Husky due to her wild nature and her light mask.
Nope, Embark says she’s 100% German Shepherd but has ,o3%wolfiness.
Thanks goodness she’s not prone to DM per their test as I lost my last GSD at 16 to DM.
Within a week of arriving at my farm, Heidi decided she was the official horse herder and learned to bring them in for meal times. But get this, she picked up right away who went into which stall and if one sneaked in the wrong stall she fussed and barked til they moved to their own stall. She also decided she was the farm protector even though she’d lived a sheltered life.
She studied cars, tires, stop signs, birds and other strange things and acted like she’d lived in a shed or a closet. But now she’s much smarter than she looks.
My son takes her to swim in the ocean and the lakes and rivers around here and she’s finally gotten over her fear/aggression of other dogs. Just a really great girl, she is.


Beautiful dogs! <3

What is “.03% wolfiness”?

I guess it’s just that she has a tiny bit of wolf DNA. I’ll see if I can find the better explanation that Embark sent w/ her test results.

Edit- my dog has .6% wolfiness- here’s the explantion-

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These are such neat stories!

My mom adopted a dog a couple of years ago from the original owners that had him since a pup. They said he was English Springer Spaniel and Beagle. Could see both those breeds in him but something didn’t add up…extremely short coat with a funny shaped bum and a long thin tail again with extremely short hair. So we decided to DNA him…results came back and BINGO! Missing piece of the puzzle was Greyhound…explained the short coat the tail and I confess I’m probably the only person to ever google ‘Greyhound butts’…explained the really weird shape of his backside. Mom was thrilled as she doesn’t like unsolved mysteries LOL.


Could we please see a pic of the Springer X Beagle X Greyhound?