Tell me about your hunt's first weekend out!

I’m not hunting presently, and due to the craziness of COVID, I’m unable to go and visit my friends in VA to hunt (without quarantining on my return home). So I would love to hunt vicariously, if any of you out there have time to share a little recap of your first days out. Here in New England last weekend gave us spectacular weather, cooling overnight enough to provide a little morning moisture, and the moon is waning, so I bet there are some great tales out there to be shared!

We start Fall Hunting next Wednesday and it will be wonderful to be back out. I’ve been doing mounted hound exercises and it’s been darn hot but the pack looks good!

I am greeting the post each day waiting for a fixture card! Love cubbing! We will cub twice a week until the first weekend in October —then the Blessing of the Hounds. Meanwhile, here’s my favorite video of our hunt.

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Foxglove, thanks for sharing! Although watching the video makes me even more melancholy that I can’t be out there, I look forward to hearing the accounts here. I have a young friend that I know would just love hunting, and I’m hoping to introduce her. My plan is to contact a couple of the northeastern hunts and see if any of them have a livery horse available for her (her horse is not suitable) so I can get her out to see the real thing!

We have been cubbing since late July and our Opening Day for Formal Season is this coming Sunday. This past Sunday, we were out for almost 5 hours with a record 7 views. At one point, the hunted coyote lead the pack to a brace of fox and then they ran a 3-way split…one set on the coyote, one on one of the reds, another on the second red. GPS reports that the hounds went for 31 miles!

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There have been a lot of posts on facebook. I’d check hunt facebook pages.

FitToBeTied, I have seen posts on Facebook, and the pictures are beautiful. But I also know that a number of members here are gifted in the telling of their hunt field stories, and I look forward to hearing their details, for those willing to share.

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Farmington hunt has narrative and maps up for first flight and second flight.

5 hours out hunting, I die of pain. 7 views, amazing!!!

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@SLW I know, right? We are typically out for about 2, but the hounds were hot!

We had our first day of cubbing this past Saturday. Within in the first 30 minutes hounds were on and the red fox was viewed by several staff and a few members of the field. The hounds ran for 45 minutes and put it to ground in a really neat den on the side of a hill. According to my GPS track I covered 8.9 miles with a 14:41 Min/Mile pace.

Tues was a run on a coyote that was viewed multiple times by staff and field. That was another 45-50 minute run. The GPS says 7.9 miles with a 17 Min/Mile pace.

Today the hounds hunted a line from the first draw and we ended up with a split pack. The main part of the pack ran a coyote for well over and hour. The smaller pack had put a coyote to ground. GPS had 11 miles and 16:50 Min/Mile pace.

So 3 for 3, not a bad start to the season.


I’m still taking Tylenol after reading your post! :slight_smile: We start Fall Hunting on Wednesday, I’m psyched!