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Tell me more about the Jazz tempermant

I’m looking at a 3yo Dutch filly who is linebred 3x3 on Jazz (great-grandsire on both sides). I’ve seen references to the “Jazz temperament” am am wondering if anyone here has first hand experience with it, and if the 3x3 line cross is far back enough to not worry about it.

I’m not a pro, but I’ve been riding for over 20 years, competing up to 1.1m jumpers and 2nd level dressage. I’ve almost exclusively ridden OTTBs, including ones considered “hot” for a TB. I’ve gotten all of my horses green broke or track broke. I love a forward sensitive ride. I’m okay with the occasional happy buck and a little spookiness, but I want my horse to have a good work ethic and a sound mind.

The filly isn’t started under saddle yet, but is very pleasant to handle on the ground. I would plan on starting her myself under the guidance of my dressage trainer.

Do you have a link to her lineage? I’d love to see who is closer up in her lines and then give you input.

That said, if you like a forward and sensitive horse, you’ll very likely love a Jazz descendant. Lots of people do.

Here she is: https://warmblood-sales.com/horse/promise-me-jazz

That is definitely a lot of Jazz! Both Zhivago and Johnson are known for producing good temperaments. Both sires have many dressage offspring that are proven in sport. I think if you are ok with sensitive and quirky, you’ll be ok. I would ask the seller if she has any siblings currently under saddle to reference (not sure if they are also her breeder or not). I’d also suggest doing radiographs with your PPE if you haven’t already. Although a few generation back, Flemmingh has a high linear profile score for OCD. Certainly doesn’t guarantee OCD in offspring, but with large, fast growing WBs, best to take it into consideration.

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