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Term for panels on side of trailer ramp?

Reposting from Around the Farm as the most common place I’ve seen the panels is with racehorses.

I have a straight load trailer with a rear ramp and would love to have the panels to prevent horses from coming off the side of the ramp. I’ve exhausted search terms to no avail. What are the panels properly called? I’ve mainly seen wooden ones but where can you buy them or open to DIY ideas?

Are any of these similar to what you are looking for?


Yes! I’ve normally seen the wooden panels….

There are lots of side rails for wheelchair ramps and for RV ramps, but my concern with adapting one to a horse trailer is that it would leave the horse at risk for dropping a leg under the bars. I have a feeling that is why solid wood sides seem to be preferred by horse folks.

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I have always called them the “sides” on a van ramp, but doubt that’s the proper term.

But one idea is to call someone like Frank DiBella, who sells and services a lot of horse vans, and ask what they are called. Because I’ve never seen them on a small BP or GN trailer; only ever on vans and semis.

I imagine you would need to get them custom made for a smaller trailer. Van ramps are different than spring loaded ramps and there’s a slot the sides slide into.