Terrible News

I hope they have success with the Go Fund Me.

So sad.

How horrible. I can’t imagine what her family and friends are going through.

The article mentions a “stutter step” and “fishtail” from the horse, what does that mean? He stumbled and almost fell and that is how she fell?

I don’t really understand what he meant by that either.

It was nice of an owner to start the go fund me. The link is in the article. It would be nice if Facebookers would spread the word.


Stutter step sounds lke an incomplete off balance step followe by a fishtail, which is a rideo bronc or bull term.

The animal twists its back end sideways rapidly while in the air. This whiplashes the rider’s back.

Bronc riders are a whole breed in themselves, as oppsed to exercise riders. They also ride with a diiferent saddle, and a longer straight leg,


This is such a tragedy.
A friend went to the Keeneland training track the other day. We were both surprised by the design of the track — concrete barrier holding in the polytrack. It’s not something I have paid attention to before.