Teskey vs Rugged Ride Leather

Has anyone heard of Teskey or Rugged Ride bridles and know if their leather quality is decent? They both have the design I’m looking for in a bridle! Thanks y’all!

I’ve bought Teskeys, I’d buy again. Not headstalls but other leather items, mainly back cinches, billets, etc.

If I remember right Rugged Ride is Chick’s house brand? Haven’t tried it to compare.

But I’d go Teskeys

Thank you so much!
Rugged Ride is Chick’s saddlery brand. I just saw that they had similar bridle that was on sale. I wasn’t sure about that but I heard things about Teskey’s saddles but never bridle.

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I have a Rugged Ride bridle. It’s OK. It definitely feels plastic and soaked up very little oil when I oiled it, but it looks decent and seems solidly made and not super stiff. I only use it for western dressage shows and it has gotten a lot of compliments for a $30 bridle.

I have a Teskey headstall and I love it. Well made and nice leather.

I have a saddle and many headstalls from Teskeys. Their quality is great. I’ve been looking at getting a new teskey’s saddle. I bought my saddle for $1950 and their headstalls are very inexpensive but great quality!

Rugged Ride is a budget brand and will have much lower quality leather. Teskey’s makes working tack and will be much higher quality. From them you’re looking at Hermann Oak or harness leather usually. From RR I’d expect water buffalo leather.