Tesla Model Y

Anyone towing a horse trailer with a Model Y (3,500 capacity)? I expect that the 350 mile range will be significantly diminished, but I only tow 15-20 miles to trails or vet. I would be towing a single horse in a 1,900 pound bumper pull. My barn has direct trail access, so I don’t trailer as much as I used to, but I do need to replace my current vehicle.

I was planning on getting one at first, but all the tests I’ve seen show that range is cut just about in half when towing, so that would be a dealbreaker for me.

I would never tow a horse trailer behind a car. No matter what the manufacturers of the car or trailer say.

Being electric makes it all the more undesirable and unsafe.

Order placed. I’ll report back in January when it delivers.

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That’s IMO not enough leeway for towing capacity. I wouldn’t feel ok towing with an SUV that had less than 5000 capacity, even with only one horse. Maybe if it was a mini.

Yikes! Don’t tow a 1900 lb trailer with a vehicle with 3500 lb capacity!! If you horse is small, and weighs 1000 lbs, now you are 600 lbs under your capacity. So, your hitch, your tack, your water, etc. had all better weigh less than 600 lbs… and do you really want to be that close to the upper limit towing on a windy day, or a slippery day, or down a big hill, or with a semi passing at 80 mph???