Tether Shield Panel Guards

Anyone use one of these?

Similar to a Saddle Mattress, but less expensive and fits your saddle, not the saddle rack. After spending quite a bit on having my saddle reflocked and fitted to my pony, I worry about the rack denting my panels. At the moment I have pool noodles protecting it, but this looks like a good idea; it’s just quite a bit more than I’d like to pay. I like how it’s strapped to the saddle, instead of being piled up and falling off the rack when the saddle is moved.

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Interesting idea. But I’d prefer a padded rack where the padding stays attached to the rack. First because dents in panels happen with time (months on the rack in the tackroom) vs one instance of placing it somewhere. And second it’s just one more cumbersome thing to detangle, like straps on a saddle pad, girth sliding off, stirrup leathers (mine don’t run up and are annoying) etc


I cut up a dark gray yoga mat made of 1” foam and taped it to my saddle racks with black duct tape. It provides a smoother surface than pool noodles, does not slip or fall off, and looks tidy enough too. I would not pay $90 per rack when I was able to outfit three of them for like $10.

I also don’t see the benefit of the thing strapping to the saddle instead of the rack. A few minutes on the saddle rack in the aisle isn’t going to harm your saddle, and I would find it annoying to have another item to carry around and potentially drop.


Hey Pony Baloney! Thanks for your interest in the Panel Guard! Our less expensive version is the Panel Guard Schooler. It costs about the same as a nice saddle pad ($65) and provides the same protection as the Pro but is simplified to cut down on cost. https://tethershield.com/collections/panel-guard-saddle-rack-pad/products/panel-guard-schooler. Can be returned any time!
I designed the Panel Guard because the wraps I duct taped to my saddle rack would bunch up or slip and looked messy. Plus, the Panel Guard travels to my trailer as well, so I don’t have to wrap the rack in there too. Once it’s strapped to my saddle I don’t even notice it’s there! Email me for a discount code at Lisa@tethershield.com!

Xanthoria - What stirrups do you have that don’t run up? I have been working on a solution for that and would be interested to have you try it!

They have a webbing loop at the top that goes over the bar, a single thickness of leather and a Conway buckle at the bottom to adjust. Interested in solutions to the problem of not being able to run them up! Right now I just fold them over the seat.

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Would you email a picture to me - or post it here? And tell me what brand they are? Lisa@tethershield.com.

I have saddle mattresses and love them, but this would be a great solution for when you are traveling a lot with your saddle. I cringe when I see an expensive saddle on a wooden fence rail at a show or somewhere since it just takes one pokey piece of wood to scratch it.
I could see trainers who travel to clients a lot or people at shows benefitting a lot from it.

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Sure! No brand - I made them. Here’s a pic of the loop and of one and the Conway end of the other where the stirrup would go. Hope it makes sense?

Very impressive! The design I have in mind may work great for that! I’ll look into the materials I’ll need and get back to you.

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Question - are there holes on both sides of the leather when it’s adjusted to the right length for you?

Yes. Here’s how I fold them over the saddle and how the buckles work.

OP sorry for the threadjack!

Libby! Panel Guards strap to your saddle so you can’t drop it! I designed it when I was boarding at a barn where the most convenient place to put my saddle as I groomed my horse was over the rusty metal rail of his stall door - I just didn’t want the leather to get scratched. If you’d like to try a Panel Guard Schooler I’d love to send you a discount code - you can return it for any reason if you don’t like it! Lisa@tthersheld.com! https://tethershield.com/collections/panel-guard-saddle-rack-pad.

some of those single thickness stirrup leathers have a hole up at the very top, so you can “run up” the stirrups. But it means you have to readjust all the time. I fold them over, but I have little neoprene stirrup bags, hooked together with a short length of rope, that I put the stirrups in to prevent them rubbing the saddle (I have those sticky stirrup pads that fold over and around the foot of the stirrup). It also prevents the weight of the stirrup pulling the flap up…

yeah mine dont work that way because they have a conway buckle, but a pouch would work great.

Depending on the length of your leg …

I roll my stirrups up twice and tuck the top under the skirt between the thigh block and the stirrup bar. Not quite as secure as running them up, but it works well especially if you use a saddle cover daily.

I also have fleece stirrup bags joined by a Velcro strap that I use if I want them super secure for a short longe, but don’t want to bother taking them off. Not that taking them off is hard because I use these: https://www.pleasantridge.ca/index.php/waldhausen-stirrup-safety-release-clip.html but if my hands are cold, it’s easier to use the bags than to futz with the teeny tiny little clip and slide the metal plate.

As promised, here is our new Stirrup Lock that I’ve been working on for single strap leathers. https://tethershield.com/collections/stirrup-locks Watch the :46 video - the single strap leathers are featured second. Let me know what you think!

Do you ship to Canada? I was just looking for a panel guard option! .

UPDATE: @Cotton Does ship to Canada :partying_face: