Thank you as a green hunt rider

I went to my first Hunter Pace today And I can’t say thank you enough to the Mells Foxhounds in Tennessee for a lovely event. It was a bucket list for me as a west coast rider who moved into hunt county two years ago. I was on a team with an experienced rider, another rider who had done hunter paces but never hunted, and another green hunt rider (but had just earned her bronze). We had such a good time, the atmosphere was immensely welcoming and the terrain / views were beautiful. My horse even decided that the cows in the fields were just fat horses (since he decided to run into a small heard after a fence crossing :roll_eyes:) but the poop was wonderful to smell.

Maybe next season I will be able to find someone to let me hunt with them in third or second flight so I can watch the hounds at work.


Yay! Congratulations to you and horse!
I haven’t been to a hunter pace in years but reading your post I remembered how much I loved them.
Glad you had fun.
(We need pix please.) :smiley:

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Sorry no pics. I really just enjoyed my experience in the moment. Lame I know

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I am a member of Mells but was out if ther country for the hunter pace. I’m glad you had fun, the Mells are a fun, welcoming group!!

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If I can get a member who will put up with me and my respectful clients, I wanna hunt