The best homemade flyspray/treats/detangler

Does anyone have any do it yourself flyspray/detangler/treats ???

I assume you are looking for three different recipes as I can not imagine one that does all three things.

I know people use WD-40 as a detangler.

We used to mix Avon skin-so-soft, citronella oil, vinegar and water together to make flyspray. I wish I remembered the proportions, but I don’t!

I think there have been quite a few threads on Off Course about these. Worth a look! :slight_smile:

Coconut oil is a good detangler. Unlike most oils, I don’t find that it attracts loads of dirt.

best homemade treat ever

Fly Spray: Equal parts Pine Sol, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water.

Fill your spray bottle with 1/3 each and a little shake before each use.

p.s. 10-20 drops of Tea Tree Oil if you have any is a nice addition, too.